PT Adds IP-Based Radar/Sensor Recording and Playback Platform to its Air Traffic Control and Defense Communication Systems

Monday, March 8, 2010

Next Generation MPR2000 Supports Radar Formats and Sensor Protocols for Enhanced Interoperability and Worldwide Deployment

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands, March 9, 2010 - PT (Nasdaq: PTIX), the recently rebranded Performance Technologies, a
leading global provider of advanced network communications solutions, today
announced the introduction of its MPR2000 Radar and Sensor Data
Recording/Playback System. The new offering enables integrators to more
easily expand their existing air traffic control recording systems and
leverage new technologies to build next generation, IP-based sensor and radar
recording solutions.

The MPR2000 Data Record/Playback System is the newest addition to the
company's suite of air traffic control and defense communication systems,
complementing the world class MPS1000 Data Distribution Server which
transports multiple radar formats and sensor interfaces over IP. For over a
decade, PT systems have provided extremely reliable and highly available
services over IP networks, by gathering and delivering vital data such as
weather, flight tracking, and ground surveillance. The company's presence in
air traffic control and defense-related communication systems includes over
3,500 systems deployed in 30 different countries.

PT's MPR2000 expands the current portfolio by adding the capability to
easily record and play back radar/sensor data. The record feature stores data
in raw or payload format with highly accurate timestamping, enabling the user
to view previously captured data as source material to analyze or transmit to
remote archive locations. A unique feature of the MPR2000 is its multiple
playback function, whereby simultaneous sessions may be conducted and widely
distributed to discrete users. The MPR2000 employs a web-based user interface
simplifying set-up, configuration, monitoring, and maintenance in order to
create an intuitive, user-friendly experience. Unlike other offerings, these
capabilities apply to the entire platform as well as to specific radar/sensor
ports (links) running specific communications protocols. Finally, MPR2000's
flexible platform accepts optional processor blades and PT's NexusWare(R)
Linux(R) distribution, enabling tight integration of applications and
reducing the need for additional servers.

"PT is very proud to introduce the newest member of our Air Traffic
Control portfolio," said Ed Bizari, Vice President of Military, Aerospace,
and Government Systems for PT. "Coupled with our popular, field proven
MPS1000, the MPR2000 delivers a one-two punch to provide mission-critical, IP
communication solutions, and it represents our ongoing commitment to the Air
Traffic Control and government systems industry to provide best in class

PT is demonstrating its Air Traffic Control solutions that include the
MPR2000, the MPS1000, and the company's IPnexus(R) EMS at the ATC Global
Exhibition and Conference, March 9-11, 2010, in Stand R301A in Amsterdam

Online Resources

Air traffic and defense communication system architects needing more
information on PT's MPR2000 system, the MPS1000 server, and other leading
communication solutions can access the following online resources:

    -- MPR2000 Data Record/Playback System:
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About PT (

PT (Nasdaq: PTIX) is a global supplier of advanced network communications
solutions to carrier, government, and OEM markets. PT's portfolio includes
IP-centric network elements and applications designed for high availability,
scalability, and long life cycle deployments. The company's entire line of
offerings is anchored by IPnexus(R), PT's own IP-native, highly integrated
platforms and element management systems. OEMs and application developers,
including PT itself, leverage the robust carrier grade Linux(R) development
environment and rich suite of communications protocols (PT's NexusWare(R)) of
IPnexus Application-Ready Systems as a cornerstone component of their end
product value proposition. PT's SEGway(TM) Signaling Solutions provide low
cost, high density signaling, advanced routing, IP migration, gateway
capabilities, SIP bridge, and core-to-edge distributed intelligence. The
company's Xpress(TM) NGN applications enable evolving Mobile 2.0,
Multi-media, and IMS based revenue generating services. PT is headquartered
in Rochester, NY and maintains sales and engineering offices around the

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