Renewable Heat Technologies to Take Advantage of Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

By Geothermal International, PRNE
Wednesday, November 24, 2010

LONDON, November 25, 2010 - The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) ( is
the response to a revealing statistic which states that heat production is
responsible for around half (49%) of the final energy demand consumed in the
UK and roughly half of all the UK's carbon emissions. The scheme aims to
provide long term support for renewable heat technologies, from household
solar thermal panels to industrial wood pellet boilers, in a bid to reduce
the impact that UK's heat requirements have on the environment. The RHI will
help to ensure that the UK has an energy supply that is safe, secure and

The government backed scheme is set to launch in June 20ll but residents
of North Wales are already being encouraged to participate in the RHI.
Families in North Wales have been offered cash incentives to heat their homes
with renewable energy next year. Families will be paid for the amount of
energy they save by installing renewable technology in their homes, including
solar panels or wood chip boilers. The latest research carried out by the
Energy Saving Trust charity showed 78% of Welsh families are looking to cut
their fuel bills due to financial costs. And almost half (47%) of Welsh
families would consider installing renewable energy in their homes.

As part of the RHI, home owners across the UK could be paid up to GBP500
per year for going green. For the RHI to be a success all aspects of society
will be required to do their bit, including householders, communities,
public, commercial and industrial sectors. And that's where companies like
Geothermal International come in. Geothermal International designs and
installs ground and air source heat pumps for large industrial projects as
well as housing projects and individual homes. Utilising geothermal energy
with the assistance of Ground Source Heat Pumps (, Cooling Units
( and commercial
heating systems ( is one of
the best ways of contributing to the RHI.

Geothermal International specialises in heat pumps, which are an
efficient, low carbon solution that helps the environment and saves you up to
60% on heating costs when compared to oil fired or LPG boilers. Heat pumps
extract energy from the ground, air or water and convert it into heat to be
used for heating and domestic hot water. They operate quietly, cleanly,
safely and reliably. They require no flueing, very little maintenance and can
be used for both heating and cooling systems. Best of all, the RHI aims to
provide 12% return on investment (ROI) for any amount spent on a heat pump

Geothermal International offers Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source
Heat Pumps. Ground Source Heat Pump systems extract heat energy from the
ground or groundwater and offer exceptionally high levels of efficiency,
achieving significant reductions in CO2 emissions and energy bills. There are
a number of ways in which heat can be extracted and Geothermal International
offers a full range of products and services, to ensure the best solution for
the location, building requirements and budget. These include energy piles
and open loop or closed loop systems, with the option of extracting heat from
either the ground or a water source.

An Air Source Heat Pump is a unit that stands outside the home and is
connected to the heating system. In a well-insulated home, it can take the
place of a central heating boiler. Air Source Heat Pumps extract heat from
the outside air. They are effective all year round (even at temperatures as
low as -15 degrees C) and in a well-insulated home they can take the place
of a central heating boiler. For residential heating systems they are at
their most effective when used for lower temperature applications such as
under floor heating, but they can be configured to cope with heating most
houses, whatever the age and type of property. Air Source Heat Pumps are an
eco-friendly and cheaper alternative to oil and are often installed in new
build properties in areas where there is no mains gas. Properties that have
an existing oil-fired boiler can benefit from the addition of an Air Source
Heat Pump, as they can be easily incorporated into the heating system to
improve efficiency and reduce running costs. High output, commercial Air
Source Heat Pumps are also available. Air source heating systems, with
multiple units linked together, can be designed for large scale
installations, as an alternative to a ground source system, where groundwork
is not practical. Because air source units do not require any groundwork,
installation is quick, easy and very cost-effective.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change is committed to the ambition
of moving from 1% of all heat generated from a renewable source, to 12% by
2020. This target can be met if every member of the community participates
actively in the government's GBP860m Renewable Heat Initiative, which will
run for four years.

Geothermal International has been installing heat pumps for more than a
decade and has developed a complete turnkey service for the installation of
Ground Source Heat Pumps and Air Source Heat Pumps. From geological surveys
and heating system design, through to installation and commissioning,
Geothermal International combines knowledge and expertise with reliable
products and the reassurance of prompt and efficient after-sales service. For
more information visit

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