Roke Launches Smart Technology for LTE Base Stations

By Roke Manor Research Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ROMSEY, England, February 10 - Roke Manor Research Ltd (Roke) today launches its LTE MAC Scheduler for
base stations. Vendors developing Long Term Evolution (LTE) equipment can
integrate Roke's smart technology to optimise network performance, enhance
user experience and reduce service delivery costs for mobile network

Roke has developed mobile communication technology for Siemens since the
1990's and has over 50 years of commercial and military communications
experience. The launch of the LTE MAC Scheduler marks a new phase, with Roke
using its handset and base station expertise to develop solutions for the
wider mobile communications market.

The success of the smartphone, netbook and mobile broadband has
dramatically increased traffic on existing mobile networks. The next
generation of packet-switched LTE networks offers a solution, however this
relies on the efficient and intelligent use of a key asset - spectrum. Roke's
LTE MAC Scheduler will enable mobile network operators to optimise spectrum
utilisation through the efficient and intelligent use of the air interface.

Base station equipment vendors can easily integrate the Roke smart
technology into their in-house or third-party LTE protocol stacks, enabling
their products to:

    - Increase cell capacity and reduce cost-per-bit.
    - Increase user throughput and enhance user experience.
    - Reduce User Equipment (UE) power consumption and extend battery life
    - Support quality of service and enable new services and business models.
    - Reduce development timescales and accelerate time-to-market.

Traditionally, equipment vendors have developed scheduling technologies
in-house. However, with LTE being completely packet-switched, scheduling in
LTE is far more complex compared to 3G HSPA and far more critical to network
performance. This escalates the cost and risk associated with in-house
product development, as well as the maintenance of an upgrade programme. The
increased availability of 'commercial off the shelf' (COTS) components for
LTE means that vendors can now reduce risk and time to market by sourcing a
solution, such as the Roke MAC Scheduler, to integrate into their own
commercial products.

Patrick Fuller, Business Sector Consultant at Roke, said: "Equipment
vendors can take advantage of the MAC Scheduler's advanced features to
differentiate and future-proof their product. As the LTE market matures,
advanced features such as MIMO, UE power management and interference
co-ordination will become more important as traffic volume on networks
accelerates. Roke has the breadth and depth of expertise to provide and
support these advanced MAC Scheduler features.

"Vendors will also benefit from Roke engineers' expert customization and
integration support. They can work with us to accelerate the product
development schedule without having to make the large investment required to
do it in-house," concluded Fuller.

About Roke Manor Research Ltd

Roke Manor Research Ltd. is an independent electronics research and
development centre based in Romsey, Hampshire. Founded in 1956 and wholly
owned by Siemens since 1991, Roke is one of the UK's leading suppliers of
innovative solutions and contract R&D. Roke employs 450 staff and has over
430 patents to its name. Roke pioneers developments in electronic sensors,
networks, and communications technology.

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