Roke Wins Deal to Supply Black Kite MRAs

By Roke Manor Research Ltd, PRNE
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

ROMSEY, England, November 11, 2010 - Roke Manor Research has been awarded a GBP1.1 million contract by Cobham
Aviation Services to integrate its Miniature Radar Altimeter (MRA) Type 1
into the Black Kite Target for the UK Ministry of Defence.

Black Kite is an airborne towed target that replicates a sea-skimming
missile for air defence missile and gunnery training on board naval ships.
Precise altitude measurements from Roke's MRA will allow accurate, low-level
height positioning down to 25 feet above sea level at 300 knots.

Roke's MRA is the world's smallest radar solution for Unmanned Aerial
Vehicles (UAVs) and aerial targets, freeing up valuable space to maximise
payload. It is also extremely lightweight, 1.5 kg lighter than traditional
radar altimeters, and is designed to 'plug and play' for easy integration
into all major UAV platforms.

Roke has also supplied Cobham with the Telemetry Command Avionics (TCA)
that allow remote reporting and automatic transmission of data from the towed
target back to a central base.

Donald Hardie, Product and Business Development Manager for Roke, said:
"Our MRA technology really is unique as not only is it the smallest in the
world, the feedback we receive is that it is also extremely accurate and
reliable. Add to that the fact that these highly innovative systems are also
35 - 50 percent of the cost of other solutions and you can see why Roke's
MRAs are leading the market in terms of product development and customer

About Roke

Roke is behind some of the most innovative technology in the defence
sector. Working in collaboration with government agencies, consortia and
industrial partners, it has a long track record of responding to changing
operational requirements by developing and delivering battle-winning defence
solutions. Roke is situated in Hampshire, UK and employs over 450 people with
an annual turnover of approximately GBP45 million.

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About Cobham Aviation Services

Cobham Aviation Services operates more than 150 fixed and rotary wing
aircraft globally. It operates the largest civil maritime surveillance
contract in the world and trains all UK helicopter pilots for the Navy, Air
Force and Army. The Division provides modern battlespace air warfare training
and essential flight inspection services and air traffic control radar
systems for civil and military airports in the UK, Europe and beyond. It also
specialises in conversion and support of civil and military platforms
including the RAF Sentry E3-D fleet. The Division has responsibility for
overseeing Cobham's involvement in the Future Strategic Tanker Aircraft
(FSTA) programme.

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