Roke Launches Technology First to Make Smartphones Smarter

By Roke Manor Research, PRNE
Wednesday, January 26, 2011

ROMSEY, England, January 27, 2011 - Roke Manor Research has developed 'SmartSwitch', the world's first
intelligent network congestion and traffic manager that requires zero
infrastructure investment from network operators. By maximising battery life,
SmartSwitch also allows smartphone manufacturers to significantly improve
reliability and consumer satisfaction.

Unlike other connection managers, SmartSwitch only exists on the mobile
device. This means that it can be configured for mass market deployment
without the need for operators to invest in infrastructure or additional

SmartSwitch is also optimised to provide network operators with
intelligent selective offload and traffic shaping. By using context aware
network selection, SmartSwitch intelligently selects alternative networks,
such as WiFi, based on traffic type and preset policies. As SmartSwitch is
application aware, this gives operators the ability to reduce congestion in
known problem coverage areas and ensure that traffic from value-added
applications is not lost. Other connection managers currently rely on a
priority connection process, which can result in the loss of valuable traffic
to other competitive networks, as well as adversely impact battery life.

SmartSwitch delivers smartphone users the ability to define their quality
of experience and manufacturers improved battery performance, allowing them
to increase consumer satisfaction and differentiate their products. Mobile
users define how long they need the battery to last and follow SmartSwitch's
simple indicators to guide them towards a usage pattern that can be
sustained. SmartSwitch's intelligent network selection then ensures that the
device's power usage is suited to the user's predefined data requirements.
Background data management also notifies the user of events such as new
email, while reducing the time connected to the network to maximise battery

Ben Toner, Business Sector Consultant, Roke Manor Research, said: "A
constant battle within the telecoms industry is to deliver smartphone users
better applications but within the constraints of battery capabilities. Users
cannot tell how long their battery will last and may run out of power before
they get to a charger, yet they still expect to browse the Internet whenever
they want and have instant access to applications such as email and social
media. SmartSwitch will give mobile devices the intelligence to understand a
user's individual preferences and manage battery life against that.

"Not only will SmartSwitch improve user satisfaction with both network
and device reliability, it will also enable network operators to maximise
capacity. Roke has really has put the 'smart' into smartphones."

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Roke will be demonstrating SmartSwitch at this year's Mobile World
Congress. Those attending who would like to see SmartSwitch in action please
contact Ben Toner +44(0)1794-833000

About Roke Manor Research Ltd

Roke Manor Research Ltd. is an independent electronics research and
development centre based in Romsey, Hampshire. Founded in 1956, Roke is one
of the UK's leading suppliers of innovative solutions and contract R&D. Roke
employs 450 staff and has over 430 patents to its name. Roke pioneers
developments in electronic sensors, networks, and communications technology.

Roke has over 50 years of communications experience, providing customers
with technology consultancy through to product development in both the
commercial and military sectors. Roke has led the way in mobile terminal
development, from the first GSM devices to the latest LTE and WiMAX
technology. Its research, product development and business process expertise
ensures that customers always produce cost-effective, market-leading products
with a rapid turnaround from concept to market introduction.

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