Rolic Technologies Ltd. From Switzerland Concluded a License Agreement With Sharp Corporation (Japan) for its "Rolic(R) LCMO" Technology

By Rolic Technologies Ltd, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

ALLSCHWIL, Switzerland, April 13, 2011 - Sharp Corporation, Japan, a leading LCD manufacturer recently concluded
as the last step of a long term implementation plan of Sharp and Rolic a
technology license agreement with Rolic Technologies Ltd., Switzerland,
pertaining to Rolic(R) LCMO, Rolic's Light Controlled Molecular Orientation

In 2009 Sharp has successfully introduced its UV2 A technology under
Rolic's technology license for the LCD TV production in Kameyama and Sakai,
which is utilizing Rolic(R) LCMO technology. As of today Sakai is the most
sophisticated production plant for LCD-panels in the world.

Rolic(R) LCMO is an advanced technology for the orientation of liquid
crystals, based on photo alignment, which enables highest throughput,
improved yields and substantial savings in raw materials and energy during
the production process. LCD-TVs, utilising Rolic's proprietary Rolic(R) LCMO
technology, benefit from brighter images, higher contrast ratios, better
colour saturation and - most important for the consumer - from significantly
reduced power consumption.

Rolic and Sharp agreed to continue the collaboration in the field of flat
panel displays.

Rolic is a Swiss technology provider for LCDs and novel optical effects
based on its special enabling material. With its technology, Rolic is setting
industrial standards in the LCD industry and is a pioneer for 3D display
applications. Another application field is the area of security devices,
where Rolic provides security elements and technology with unique optical
security features for brand protection, security documents such as passports
and currency notes. Rolic located in Switzerland and has more than 600
patents and patent applications.


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