Charity Depaul UK Launches Updated iHobo App to Highlight Issues Around Homelessness

By Depaul Uk, PRNE
Monday, April 11, 2011

Version 1.1 of Award-winning App Gives Deeper Understanding of Issues Surrounding Young People and Homelessness

LONDON, April 13, 2011 - iHobo, the UK's most downloaded charity iPhone App, has this week
returned to the Apple iTunes store. The App comes with extra features to
improve user engagement and understanding and capitalise on the power of
social networking.

The free, interactive App uses live action and urges users to take care
of a 'virtual' homeless young person. Over three days iHobo is the iPhone
user's responsibility with every decision made - such as offering food, money
or emotional support - impacting on his life.

The revised App builds understanding of the issue of homelessness by
introducing hidden 'truth' items throughout the App, which when collected
reveal facts and information about youth homelessness. It is also more
personal, encouraging players to input their own names and develop a real
relationship with the virtual young person.

iHobo links into Facebook Connect, allowing users to share their progress
and their experience with the online community more seamlessly. The app also
encourages users to consider the impact of their actions through iHobo more
carefully, with users gaining points for 'caring actions'.

Against a backdrop of Government "austerity" cuts that will see a
decrease in funding for core services on top of cuts in housing benefit for
young people and a reduction in the non-dependence allowance, Depaul UK is
concerned that the problem of youth homelessness is set to increase.

Depauk UK chief executive Paul Marriott said: "The future for young
people is worrying at the moment, especially for the most vulnerable and
disadvantaged. Our local services have already been hit by cuts, and at a
time when young people need the support of organisations like Depaul UK more
than ever, crucial services will be decreasing.

"There is a real fear that young people sleeping on the streets will
increase over the next five years. We hope this app will help us communicate
the severity of this issue to the general public."

The App is available to download at

For the full release and more information click here

Contact: Rachel Slade, Depaul UK Communications Manager

Tel: +44(0)207-939-1280,

Contact: Rachel Slade, Depaul UK Communications Manager, Tel: +44(0)207-939-1280, rachel.slade at

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