Savtira Corporation Unveils Custom-Tailored Digital E-commerce Solutions

By Savtira Corporation, PRNE
Sunday, December 19, 2010

Savtira Corporation Announces Its Entry Into The Digital E-commerce Outsourcing Marketplace

TAMPA, Florida, December 20, 2010 - Savtira Corporation, a new provider of outsourced e-commerce solutions to
publishers, content owners, aggregators, distributors, streaming companies,
netcasters, retailers and e-tailers, today announced its entry into the
global marketplace.

Savtira Corporation creates customized online selling solutions built
around the client's brand. The Savtira e-commerce platform, which supports
sales of both downloadable and packaged goods, helps businesses add revenue
streams without the time, expense and risk of deploying an advanced software
system on a scalable, cloud-based environment.

"Currently, 80% of online digital stores are outsourced to other
providers. However, the first generation distributors of downloadable
products are like landlords with existing tenants that have built their
platforms on 50 lbs per square foot foundations; now they need 200 lbs, but
it's hard to tear down a building and start over with existing leases and
tenants," said Timothy Roberts, CEO. "In many discussions with major
partners, a common theme emerges: they desperately want a better solution.
With our speedier download speeds and more intuitive marketing tools, we
believe Savtira is well positioned to leap past existing legacy players,
taking their customers with us."

Savtira's e-commerce stores have the capacity to distribute any type of
downloadable product (software, games, movies, music, Internet TV &
eBooks/audio books) as well as packaged goods. In addition to using the
Savtira platform to distribute their own products, clients may also sell
content from the Savtira Digital Catalog, which is filled with thousands of
top-notch downloadable products from major publishers.

No two Savtira stores are alike. The platform is customized for clients,
extra features and services are offered on an a la carte basis, and countless
configurations can be assembled to meet the specific needs of clients.

Examples of Savtira Solutions:

    - A large fast-food chain would like to add a new revenue channel by
      creating a digital store. They have an incredible amount of foot traffic
      but no downloadable product catalog. Savtira builds a store around the
      client's brand and populates it with content from the Savtira Digital
      Catalog. Savtira also offers a free exclusive give-away to enhance the
      client's marketing campaign and entice new customers to the client's
      store, thus building a new-found reoccurring revenue stream for little
    - A Fortune 500 company with an extensive content catalog of video games,
      music, movies and eBooks wants to distribute all their content in-house
      without the considerable time and expense of developing an in-house
      solution, rather than selling each type at different specialized online
      outlets, such as iTunes or Netflix. Savtira builds a customized store
      from which all types of downloadable goods are digitally distributed.
      The client no longer loses branding or customer base to other
    - A core game publisher outsources to Savtira for the cost-savings
      involved with hosting and distributing large game files. The publisher
      chooses to opt in to the Savtira Digital Catalog and opens up three new
      revenue streams: (1) store revenue from direct sales; (2) store revenue
      from Savtira Digital Catalog sales; and (3) revenue from indirect sales
      of the publisher's content via the catalog in other Savtira-powered
    - The Savtira platform can be adapted for use in many other business
      models, such as ticketing agencies, airlines, file hosting, employee
      training, etc. The non-profit sector could also use the platform to
      instantly disseminate media around the world for disaster response or
      education in developing countries.

About Savtira Corporation

Based in Tampa, Florida, Savtira Corporation was founded in 2010 after 25
years of experience in the infrastructure world and the last 8 years in
platform and backend development. We have invested the time and money to
educate ourselves on solving the current problems in digital distribution,
and offer our platform for low risk and little investment to major
publishers, retailers and consumer brands in one turn-key solution. Savtira
has a stellar executive management team with entrepreneurial as well as mass
market experience in High Speed Network Infrastructure, Cloud-Based Software,
Digital Media, Finance and Product Management. Key companies that Savtira's
management team founded or worked with: Savvis, Terremark, MTV, Nickelodeon,
Columbia/Tristar Pictures, Sony Playstation, Cisco, Comedy Central, Sony
DADC, AT&T, Qoncert, et al.


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