Maritime Security in the Gulf of Guinea: Nigerian Navy Chief of Staff to Discuss Strategy

By Defence Iq, PRNE
Wednesday, June 22, 2011

LONDON and HAMBURG, June 23, 2011 -


To address the increased attention on the Gulf of Guinea as an
area of concern for piracy and maritime threats, the Nigerian
Navy’s Chief of Staff, Vice Admiral O
. S Ibrahim, will
be discussing their strategic plans to increase maritime security
at Defence IQ’s href="">
Offshore Patrol Vessels conference. ( href="">

According to the href="">programme,
the Vice Admiral will provide an overview of the 5-10 year policy,
plans and requirements for Nigeria’s OPV fleet developments, as
well as their future naval force vision for 2020+.  

The announcement of his participation comes at a critical time
for international navies and security stakeholders; just a few days
ago, two robberies close to the port of Lagos were reported within
the same week, adding to the numerous news articles regarding
pirate attacks in the area.

The potential for growth in this area of West Africa and the
attraction of piracy are, unfortunately, directly correlated.
 According to Vice Admiral Ibrahim, the estimated minimum
number of offshore patrol vessels to cover their EEZ would be
twenty, which if purchased would nearly double the Nigerian Navy’s
current fleet.

Joining Vice Admiral Ibrahim at the event is the Chief of
of the neighbouring Gabonese Navy, Rear Admiral Hervé
Nambo Ndouany
, who will also be providing insight into
effective regional and international partnerships for security.
They are both featured members of the href="">
international speaker faculty for the 6th
installation of Defence IQ’s long running event series, this year
taking place in Hamburg, from 20-22nd September 2011.

Additional featured speakers include Rear Admiral Francisco
Roberto Deiana
from the Brazilian Navy and Rear
Admiral Stanislaw Zarychta
from the Polish Navy, as well
as Walter Merker from the German Federal Office of
Defence Technology and Procurement
, who will be providing an
update on the MKS180 (formally known as K131).

Session details are available on the event website at href="">;
the full programme is also href="">
available for download.  In addition, visitors can access
the href="">
full speaker list, a href="">
Resource Centre for related content and articles, and a href="">
Counter-Piracy Library for maritime security news.  

All media and speaker enquiries should be directed to the OPV
team at

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