Sisvel to Facilitate Formation of 802.11n Patent Pool

By Sisvel, PRNE
Monday, December 20, 2010

Call for Patents Essential to the 802.11 Standard

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia, December 21, 2010 - Sisvel announced today that it is facilitating the formation of a new
joint licensing program, or patent pool, for Wi-Fi 802.11n devices and is
issuing a call for patents essential to the IEEE 802.11 Standard. This
announcement follows Sisvel's selection by a group of leading 802.11 patent

All parties holding a patent believed to be essential for 802.11 standard
specifications, as defined by IEEE Std. 802.11-2007 and IEEE Std.
802.11n-2009, are invited to apply for a review of essentiality by
independent evaluators designated by Sisvel. As ratified by the IEEE,
document IEEE Std. 802.11-2007 represents the base version of the standard
that merged and includes the following eight prior amendments: 802.11a, b, d,
e, g, h, i, j. Document IEEE Std. 802.11n-2009 is a further amendment to the
2007 standard document to add enhancements for higher throughput.

Those parties confirmed to hold at least one essential patent or patent
application will be invited to participate in the formation of the joint
licensing program (subject to certain terms and conditions). The formation
process will begin with a meeting in mid January 2011.

To complete patent evaluations in time for this first meeting,
applications for patent and application evaluations are requested to be filed
as soon as possible. Detailed information on patent submission, as well as
other procedures for participating in the facilitation process, can be
obtained from Sisvel by sending an email to the following address:

"Wireless connectivity is a vital function today and 802.11n technology
is becoming more and more ubiquitous in electronic devices. Forming a pool
for essential patents will benefit IP owners, manufacturers, and consumers of
Wi-Fi technology," explained Gen. Richard Neal, President of Sisvel US,
adding that, "We invite all patent owners that own or control patents
believed to be essential to 802.11 to participate in this process."

About IEEE 802.11

IEEE 802.11 is a family of specifications for wireless local area network
(WLAN) communications in the bands from 2.4, up to 5 GHz. The 802.11 standard
is a set of evolving specifications. In 1997 the IEEE published the document
IEEE Std. 802.11-1997, as the first wireless LAN standard. In the following
years many enhancement versions of 802.11 were approved to cope with the WLAN
fast growing market. In 2007, the IEEE 802.11 Task Group created the IEEE
802.11-2007, a single specification that merged 8 amendments (802.11a, b, d,
e, g, h, i, j) with the legacy standard. IEEE 802.11n is a recent amendment
which builds on the previous specifications by adding multiple-input
multiple-output (MIMO) antennas, together with many other enhancement
features. The IEEE has officially approved the amendment in October 2009 as
IEEE Std. 802.11n-2009.

About Sisvel

Started in 1982 when Sisvel S.p.A. was founded in Italy, the Sisvel Group
has become a world leader in managing intellectual property and maximizing
the value of patent rights. The Sisvel Group is global in scope and reach,
with companies in Italy (Sisvel in None Torinese and Edico in Rome),
Luxembourg (Sisvel International), the United States (Sisvel US and Audio
MPEG in Metropolitan Washington, DC), China (Sisvel Hong Kong), Japan (Sisvel
Japan in Tokyo), and Germany (Sisvel Germany in Stuttgart), and with almost
one hundred professionals worldwide with technical, legal, and licensing

Sisvel has a long history of managing successful patent portfolios
including those related to the audio compression standards known as MP3 and
MPEG Audio. In addition, Sisvel administers patent pools for the CDMA2000
family of cellular telecommunications standards, the UHF-RFID air interface
standard, and the DVB-T and DVB-T2 broadcast standard, and is currently
facilitating the creation of a LTE and DVB-C2 patent pool. Through its
subsidiary Sisvel Technology, Sisvel is also engaged in the development of
new technologies, including projects for 3D television and broadcasting.

                    List of Relevant 802.11 Specifications

    IEEE Std.       Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and
     802.11-2007     Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications

    IEEE Std.       Wireless LAN Medium Access Control (MAC) and
     802.11n-2009    Physical Layer (PHY) Specifications Amendment 5:
                     Enhancements for Higher Throughput

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