"Social Mobility Network" Launched in Germany / flinc - Dynamic Ridesharing Meets Social Network

By Flinc Ag, PRNE
Monday, July 25, 2011

LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany, July 26, 2011 -


flinc is the world’s first social mobility network which matches drivers and passengers for ridesharing in real-time using desktop, smartphone and navigation technology.

Gas prices are rising, carbon emissions need to be reduced and roads are congested: the challenges for individual mobility seem unsurmountable. The German start-up flinc is now launching its new service nationwide based on a revolutionary concept: Instead of building a new infrastructure, flinc addresses the large number of existing passenger vehicles and aims to increase their occupancy on daily routes. It combines state-of-the art technology with social networking to offer a dynamic, safe and automated service that gets you from A to B.

By using their desktop, smartphone or navigation device flinc users can easily be matched in real-time with members from their trusted social mobility network and share long or short rides. As a world first, flinc is integrated in navigation software.

With flinc, drivers can reduce their mobility costs drastically with a minimum of effort. It only takes one click to start using flinc  - to see friends, go shopping or commuting. The integration in navigation software enables the driver to navigate directly to the passenger. For flinc-riders, a smartphone changes into a real alternative to the privately owned vehicle. Pre-planned or in real-time, flinc can establish a ride and can take passengers from any location to the destination of their choice. flinc’s intelligent route matching finds riders anywhere along the route of the driver.

flinc is accessible via www.flinc.org.The iPhone app can be downloaded from the appstore and flinc is integrated in all iPhone based navigation solutions from NAVIGON.

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