Supermicro Expands Double-Sided Storage(TM) Total Solutions

By Super Micro Computer Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, December 21, 2010

World's Highest Density & Power Efficiency with up to 90TB Hot-Swap Storage

SAN JOSE, California, December 22, 2010 - Super Micro Computer, Inc. ( (Nasdaq:
SMCI), the global leader in server technology innovation and green computing,
today announced two new additions to its Double-Sided Storage(TM) family
( First, the SC417 supports an
industry-leading 88 hot-swap 2.5-inch enterprise-class hard drives in a 4U
JBOD configuration. Second, the SC837 supports an industry-leading 28
hot-swap 3.5-inch enterprise drives in a 3U JBOD configuration. Both of these
configurations provide the highest hot-swap storage density in their class,
with the SC417 supporting up to 40 hot-swap drives in the rear and delivering
nearly double the storage capacity while saving valuable rack space and
reducing costs.


"By optimizing these systems with Supermicro SAS controllers, validated
memory and hard disks that have passed our stringent validation process,
customers will benefit from an extremely reliable, high-quality storage
solution," said Charles Liang, CEO and president of Supermicro. "Since first
introducing our innovative Double-Sided Storage(TM) solution in 2009, the
demand for this product line has ramped up very successfully. To address this
strong demand for our high-capacity solutions, we're continuing to develop
new designs and expand this product family."

Loading these Double-Sided Storage systems into Supermicro's
SuperRack(TM) facilitates exceptionally clean cable routing for maximum
airflow and easy access to the rear side hot-swappable hard drives and power
supplies for unmatched ease of maintenance.

To meet the needs for higher power efficiency and storage capacity, these
latest Supermicro storage solutions double the drive density while
significantly reducing system power consumption. When combined with
Supermicro high-efficiency Platinum (94%+) Level power supplies and industry
leading cooling subsystems, these systems deliver maximum
performance-per-watt and performance-per-dollar. The high-performance SC417
Double-Sided Storage(TM) solution currently supports over 52TB of hot-swap
2.5" enterprise SAS or SATA storage in 4U, while the new SC837 supports up to
56TB of 3.5" hot-swap storage in 3U and the SC847 supports up to 90TB in 4U.

Supermicro's full suite of 2U, 3U, 4U and Double-Sided Storage(TM) SAS2
expander chassis incorporate additional advanced features such as fully
redundant cooling designs that protect system operation and performance even
if a fan fails. Other features include SES-2 enclosure management and iPass
cables that minimize the number of internal cables, thus improving system
airflow, cooling, performance and reliability.

Supermicro high-performance storage solutions incorporate LSI(TM) 6Gb/s
SAS silicon and MegaRAID technology, including the latest LSI 6Gb/s SAS
expander and RAID-on-Chip (ROC) ICs. The E16 version single Edge-expander
chassis can cascade up to 240 physical devices, while the E26 models with
dual Edge-expanders support redundant data path failover protection for
mission-critical applications. These versatile storage chassis all support a
wide range of UP and DP serverboards up to 13.68" x 13", including those
optimized for eight-core Xeon 5600 or the latest twelve-core Opteron
processors, and up to 288GB of memory. Additionally, these chassis support up
to seven full-height, full-length expansion cards, providing numerous options
for enhanced storage performance.

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