SuperNova Diagnostics(R) Announces Agreement with KSB Diagnostics of China to Commercialise Neopterin Diagnostics

By Supernova Diagnosticsr Inc., PRNE
Tuesday, March 29, 2011

WASHINGTON, LONDON and HONG KONG, March 30, 2011 - SuperNova Diagnostics(R), Inc., a privately-held global diagnostics
company for human and non-human health applications, announced today that it
has signed an agreement with Shenzhen Kang Sheng Bao Bio-Technology Co., Ltd.
("KSB"), a biotechnology diagnostics company specializing in research,
manufacture and distribution of in-vitro diagnostic kits and research
reagents in China and affiliated markets for the research, development,
manufacture and commercialisation of diagnostic products and services for the
measurement of Neopterin, its metabolites and derivatives utilising the
SuperNova technology platform of AmpCrystal(R). Financial terms of the
agreement were not disclosed.

"We are delighted to announce this agreement with KSB Diagnostics, a
leader in China and Asia for diagnostics," said Neil Campbell, president &
CEO of SuperNova Diagnostics. "This collaborative agreement allows SuperNova
and KSB to expand R&D, manufacturing and commercialisation of a proprietary
set of biomarkers for acute and chronic inflammatory conditions into one of
the world's largest markets initially and then potentially rest of the

About Neopterin

Neopterin is an analyte of growing interest throughout the world for the
detection, monitoring and prognosis of acute and chronic inflammatory
responses and is thought to be implicated in over 80 different
inflammation-mediated diseases such as cardiovascular, CNS, infectious
disease, respiratory and cancer.

About AmpCrystal(R) Technology

AmpCrystal(R), SuperNova Diagnostics' lead technology with multiple
product formats, allows for minimally trained individuals (advanced
CLIA-waived) to test for a wide range of protein analytes and can detect
directly un-amplified DNA in humans, animals or environmental samples.
AmpCrystal(R) is hyper-dense, energy-mediated proprietary nanocrystals that
can be utilised in a wide variety of diagnostic applications and
configurations. The technology platform lends itself to both
forward-integration into new product formats as well as backward compatible
into existing open and closed diagnostic systems.

Time-to-result has been shown in prototypes to be reduced to minutes on
the spot versus the hours or days required when sending samples to a central
laboratory or processing in regional satellite laboratories. With three
integrated capabilities (sample collector/processor, analytical disposable,
and the readout device), the technology is simpler, more robust, faster and
significantly less expensive than existing POC systems.

About Shenzhen Kang Sheng Bao Bio-Technology Co. Ltd "KSB"

KSB provides innovative diagnostic kits and technologies to serve the
large developing market in China and is a leader in vitro diagnostic
reagents, OEM manufacture and contractual R&D and through partnerships
possesses products with international brand (such as drugs, medical devices,
bio-products, diagnostic kits, scientific research instruments, etc.), and
has business relations with more than 30 countries and regions.

About SuperNova Diagnostics(R), Inc.

SuperNova(R) is a development-stage diagnostics company with a
proprietary platform for conducting diagnostics at the site of interest with
point-of-care in human health and point-of-use for non-human health
applications. A powerful proprietary nanochemistry, AmpCrystal(R), can
deliver novel, next generation performance for pathogens, proteins, and
directly measure DNA without PCR with ultra-low sensitivity and specificity
while not sacrificing a dynamic range of measurements. SuperNova can be
utilized in a wide range of diagnostic formats (lateral flow, self-contained
cartridges, microtitre, microarrays, closed systems, research products and
OEM). SuperNova(R) - Putting the Laboratory in the Palm of Your Hand(R).

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