Swine Flu - Prevention is Better Than Cure

By Atrium Innovation Ltd, PRNE
Sunday, January 9, 2011

OXFORD, England, January 10, 2011 - Only one week into the new year swine flu has already claimed several
lives. Healthmap.org believes that swine flu has resulted in hospitalization
and even death not only in the UK, but also in other parts of Europe and
America. Reports indicate that the virus is even more virulent than last

While the Swine Flu (H1N1) virus can be treated with antiviral drugs such
as Tamiflu and Relenza which work by preventing the flu virus from
reproducing, prevention is better than cure.

The NHS advises people to stay at home if they suspect they have the
virus and call the NHS helpline, while the phrase 'catch it, bin it, kill it'
reminds people to practice good personal hygiene. Sales of anti-viral hand
wash skyrocketed during last year's outbreak and are likely to continue to do

One new, innovative way of helping protect yourself is by treating the
air you breathe indoors.

Dr Timothy Hadingham, a lead scientist at Atrium Innovation, advises that
air-treatment solutions can assist in reducing the bio-burden in the air
therefore reducing the quantity of viral particles that people may inhale.

One example of a product which has been proven to reduce the H1N1 swine
flu virus and other viruses by 99.99% on contact is Cleanaer - a patented
British air purifier. Cleanaer's anti-viral Tea Tree Oil formulation works by
suppressing viruses and bacteria in the air and neutralising the viral load
of an airborne droplet (like droplets from a sneeze) within 5 minutes of
coming into contact with them.

"Cleanaer could help reduce the risk of the spread of harmful germs such
as Swine Flu H1N1" says Hadingham.

Scientific evidence from independent sources has verified that Cleanaer
can suppress 70% of bacteria from of the air in addition to its other
functions which include odour-removal and fragrancing.

Small and compact, Cleanaer is suitable for both healthcare and domestic

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