Sydney Opera House Invites People From Around the World to 'Live' at Australia's Most Loved House

By Sydney Opera House, PRNE
Wednesday, April 13, 2011

SYDNEY, April 14, 2011 - Recently, work began on the largest construction project at Sydney Opera
House since it opened in 1973. The Vehicle Access and Pedestrian Safety
(VAPS) project takes the Forecourt offline and hoardings have been erected
around the site to allow construction to proceed. With more than 8.2 million
visitors to the site each year, our new initiative, Housemates, invites
people everywhere to share the hoardings with their portraits and

To become a Housemate all you need to do is apply through There you can upload a photo of
yourself or tell us why you think Sydney Opera House is so special to you.
Your photos and tributes will be revealed to the world in May and remain on
display until the end of the year.

You don't need to be a celebrity, you don't need to be an artist and you
don't even need to be from Sydney - we just want you to be part of the best
address in the world. Housemates will become a tribute to human diversity
with a common love of Sydney Opera House, one of the world's masterpieces of
human creative genius.

    1) Head to
    2) Upload your photo and tell us why Sydney Opera House is special to
       you. Applications close: midnight, Friday 22 April 2011.

The Vehicle Access and Pedestrian Safety (VAPS) Project

The VAPS Project will enhance visitor safety by removing heavy vehicles
from the Forecourt to a new underground loading dock. This will allow
pedestrians to have safe and exclusive access to all Sydney Opera House
facilities at Forecourt level. VAPS commenced in February this year and the
project will be completed in mid-2013.

Sydney Opera House

In giving the world one of the 20th century's greatest buildings, Jorn
Utzon changed the creative and cultural landscape of Australia forever.
Sydney Opera House is committed to continuing the legacy of Utzon's creative
genius by creating, producing and presenting the most acclaimed, imaginative
and engaging performing arts experiences from Australia and around the world.

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