The CARe 500 Electric Car at an Unbeatable Price

By Mk-group Holding Gmbh, PRNE
Thursday, November 18, 2010

HAMBURG, November 19, 2010 - CARe 500, the electric car based on the much-loved, ultra-compact FIAT
500, is now available at an extraordinary price.

The ultra-modern electric car is available from 23,900 euros. This price
does not include batteries, as these can be provided for the proud owner at a
price of 150 euros per month, which includes a flat-rate fee for electricity.
Alternatively, the CARe 500 is available with batteries from 36,900 euros.
Various subsidies can also be subtracted from this price. The CARe 500 can be
quickly delivered and is available immediately.

"The advantage of purchasing the car without batteries is that, for 150
per month, you will always have fully functional batteries at your
disposal, you don't have to actually purchase the most expensive part of an
electric car and fuel is included at a flat rate," says Martin Richard
, CEO of mk-group Holding GmbH.

The CARe 500 is a technologically mature, series production vehicle with
a fully electric drive, a range of 120 km and a maximum speed of 120 km/h.
The CARe 500 recharges in 6 to 8 hours using a normal 230 V power socket. A
service network comprising approximately 650 branches ensure the mobility of
these electric cars.

This fantastic electric city car is distributed by mk-group Holding, also
know through its care-mobility und care-energy brand names, and is
manufactured by the Swedish company EVadapt.

mk-group Holding GmbH is an energy supply company based in Hamburg and is
active throughout Europe. Its energy efficiency innovations have earned it a
real name in the market.

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Press information: mk-group Holding GmbH, Dessauer Strasse 2-4, Lagerhaus G, Freihafen Hamburg, 20457 Hamburg, T.: +49-40-4143148580, F.: +49-40-4143148589, presse at .

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