The Forgotten Facts Regarding the Arab-Israeli Conflict, a Unique Evidence Based Politics Article

By Ebrand, PRNE
Sunday, September 18, 2011

TEL AVIV, Israel, September 19, 2011 -

In light of the upcoming Palestinian agenda in the UN assembly tomorrow, with the unilateral declaration of an independent Palestinian state rapidly approaching, Dr. Moshe N. Schwarzberg is pleased to introduce his recently-published booklet titled :THE RIGHTS OF THE HEBREW NATION IN ISRAEL/PALESTINE - Evidence Based Arguments


According to Time magazine (”A Land Divided”, March 25, 2002), the history of the conflict started with the 1947 decision of the United Nations to divide Palestine between the Jews and Arabs. Yet, by claiming this, Time magazine ignores a thirty-year history of bloodshed - the period of the 1918-1948 British Mandate. The respectable magazine amputated the history of the region, for example in 1946, when Palestine was first divided with the establishment of the Trans-Jordanian Emirate, now known as Jordan (77% of Mandatory Palestine).

Familiarize yourself with the comprehensive history of the conflict, introducing facts to some of the most relevant and burning questions to the Middle East political climate.

Who were the residents of Palestine when this term was coined? When did the violence begin? Who provoked it? And most importantly: to whom does the land belong?

This compact booklet sheds a new light on answering these questions by presenting a series of evidence-based arguments, solid information that precedes personal opinion, followed by a preliminary conclusion.

In this booklet, Dr. Moshe Schwarzberg, a family medicine specialist and clinical instructor at the Tel-Aviv University, implements the EBM (Evidence Based Medicine) method to create an EBP (Evidence Based Politics) article, in which the unknown background of the Arab-Israeli conflict is illuminated.

The Rights of the Hebrew Nation in Israel/Palestine by Dr. Moshe N. Schwarzberg, Author

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