‘The Mobile Payment by Volume Transactions Will Grow to $150 Billion by End of 2011′ Says Visiongain’s Latest Report

By Visiongain, PRNE
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

LONDON, August 11, 2011 -


Visiongain’s latest management report “Mobile Payment: Operator Strategies, Opportunities and Challenges Report 2011″ examines and analyses the developments in the emerging mobile payments sector.  This brand new report provides forecasts of growth, market sizing and analysis for the key regional markets from 2011-2016. The report gives an insight into the strategies of various players that are shaping up the mobile payments ecosystem. Visiongain believes that understanding the competitive landscape and identifying voids is important for any player who wants to maximise their gains in this exciting market.

Visiongain research has shown that as of Q3 2011, there are around 140 million Mobile Payment users.  As increasing number of customers gain access to mobile payment systems, the market will grow further. We believe that the global mobile payment market will grow from $150 billion in 2011 to $556 billion in 2016 at a CAGR of 30%. This report provides industry viewpoints, case studies and diverse scenario analysis for anyone interested in gaining an in-depth view of the market.

NFC (Near Field Communications) is emerging as the most popular m- payment technologies so far. Most recently in July 2011, EBay’s PayPal introduced NFC service for Samsung’s Nexus S phones based on Google’s Android OS.  

The adoption of NFC will continue to gain momentum and visiongain believes that by 2016, 658 million mobile phones will be enabled with NFC. The report focuses on the performance of different mobile payment technologies across the globe and then forecasts regional sales, revenue and market share through to 2016 based on our extensive research.

Major players like Telefonica, Google and Apple have already forayed into mobile payments with trials and testing. By analysing the latest developments, we provide operators insights into the key mobile payment business models, revenue channels and strategies to monetise. From careful analysis, it has been identified that key stakeholders need to be swift in placing infrastructure and building ties with other potential partners.

Mobile Payment market is set to grow and which players will benefit from it will depend on how they position themselves early on in the start-up stage.

Table of Contents

E. Executive Summary
E1 M- Payment
E2 Growth Potential and Revenue Generation 2016
E3 Mass Scale Adoption
E4 Potential Business Model
E5 Key Points of the Report

1. Introduction: Mobile Payments
1.1 Introduction
1.2 M-Payments Reaching Critical Mass
1.2.1 Overview of M- Payments
1.2.2 M- Payments beyond Pilot Stage
1.3 Adoption in Asia Pacific
1.4 Merger of Finance and Technology
1.5 Current State and Size of the Market
1.6 Growth in the Market
1.7 Benefits of M- Payments
1.7.1 Benefits to Consumers
1.7.2 Benefits to Retailers
1.7.3 Benefits to Manufacturers and Developers
1.7.4 Benefits to Network Operators
1.8 What Drives the Adoption of Mobile Payments
1.8.1 Payment Choice
1.8.2 Intelligent Billing
1.8.3 Transparency and Accuracy
1.9 Challenges in the Adoption by Businesses
1.10 Security: A Major Downside

2. M- Payments Value Chain and Business Models
2.1 Entities in the M-Payment Ecosystem
2.1.1 M- Payments Value Chain
2.1.2 Function of Each Entity in the M- Payment Value Chain Merchants Acquirers Payment Networks Issuers M-Wallet / Stored Value Account (SVA)
2.2 Business Models in Practice for M- Payments
2.2.1 Carrier Dominance Business Model Carrier Dominance Business Model Value System Carrier Dominance Business Model Value Chain Carrier Dominance Business Model Business Case
2.2.2 Peer to Peer Business Model Peer to Peer Business Model Value System Peer to Peer Business Model Value Chain Peer to Peer Business Model Business Case
2.2.3 Bank Dominance Business Model Bank Dominance Business Model Value System Bank Dominance Business Model Value Chain Bank Dominance Business Model Business Case
2.2.4 Collaboration Business Model Collaboration Business Model Value System Collaboration Business Model Value Chain Collaboration Business Model Business Case
2.3 Comparison of the Four Models
2.3.1 Stakeholder Involvement Comparison
2.3.2 Risk / Reward Comparison
2.4 M- Payments Technologies

3. Case Study- Telefo’nica, Spain & Other M- Payment Players
3.1 Case Study and Interview with Telefo’nica, Spain
3.1.1 Company Profile Latest Developments at Telefo’nica Overview of the Telefonica Mobile Financial Services Interview Excerpts
3.2 Direct Carrier billing
3.2.1 Zong
3.2.2 Boku (aka Paymo)
3.2.3 Payfone
3.2 App purchases (non-carrier billed)
3.2.1 Apple (itunes)
3.3 Contactless / Mobile Contactless
3.3.1 Mfoundry (m- payments product)
3.3.2 Bling Nation
3.3.3 Vivotech
3.4 P2P Transfer
3.4.1 Obopay
3.4.2 Paypal Mobile
3.4.3 Venmo
3.5 Mobile checkout
3.5.1 Verifone
3.6 M- Payments Success in China
3.6.1 Umpay
3.7 M- Payments Success in India
3.7.1 Paymate
3.8 M- Payments Success in Philippines
3.8.1 Globe GCASH
3.9 M- Payments Success in Japan
3.9.1 Mobile Suica

4. A Strategic Analysis of the Current M- Payment Market
4.1 M- Payments Market 2011-2016
4.1.1 Global Demand
4.1.2 Case Study: M- Payments in China
4.1.3 Global Adoption of M- Payments
4.2 Market Drivers
4.2.1 Consumers’ Level of Trust
4.2.2 Convenience
4.2.3 Efficiency
4.3 Challenges and Consideration in Implementation of M- Payments
4.3.1 Supply-Side Technology Standardisation
4.3.2 Financial Services Drivers
4.3.3 Consumer Feedback
4.3.4 E-Payments Success
4.4 Market Restraints and Obstacles
4.4.1 Current Payment Relationships
4.4.2 Payment Scenarios Remote Payments Face-To-Face Payments
4.4.3 Suitability Habit Convenience Price and Acceptability
4.4 Strategies in M- Payments & and Their Projections
4.4.1 Mobile Transactions as a Core Business
4.4.2 Mobile Transactions as an Add-On Service
4.4.3 Marginal or No Involvement in Mobile Payments

5. M- Payment Forecasts and Statistics
5.1 M- Payment Market Analysis by Region 2011-2016
5.1.1 M- Payment Market Size by Region
5.1.2 Fastest Growing M- Payment Markets
5.1.3 Growth in Market Share 2011-2016
5.2 Africa and Middle East
5.2.1 Forecasts for M- Payments in the Region 2011-2016
5.2.2 Growth Drivers
5.2.3 Growth Analysis
5.2.4 Scenario Analysis of the Region
5.3 Asia Pacific
5.3.1 Forecasts for M- Payments in the Region 2011-2016
5.3.2 Growth Drivers
5.3.3 Growth Analysis
5.3.4 Scenario Analysis of the Region
5.4 East Europe (CEE)
5.4.1 Forecasts for M- Payments in the Region 2011-2016
5.4.2 Growth Drivers
5.4.3 Growth Analysis
5.4.4 Scenario Analysis of the Region
5.5 West Europe
5.5.1 Forecasts for M- Payments in the Region 2011-2016
5.5.2 Growth Drivers
5.5.3 Growth Analysis
5.5.4 Scenario Analysis of the Region
5.6 North America
5.6.1 Forecasts for M- Payments in the Region 2011-2016
5.6.2 Growth Drivers
5.6.3 Growth Analysis
5.6.4 Scenario Analysis of the Region
5.7 South America
5.7.1 Forecasts for M- Payments in the Region 2011-2016
5.7.2 Growth Drivers
5.7.3 Growth Analysis
5.7.4 Scenario Analysis of the Region

6. Conclusions and Recommendations
6.1 Consumer Demand for Wireless Services on Handsets
6.2 M- Payment Revenue Growth
6.3 Where Will This Growth Come From?
6.4 NFC Technology- In the Lead
6.4.1 Forecast of Penetration of NFC in Mobile Communications
6.4.2 Case Study: Paypal’s Mobile-To-Mobile Payment System with NFC Technology
6.5 Companies Adopting M- Payments
6.5.1 Case Study: Telenor and Mastercard in M- Payments Pilot
6.6 Opportunities for M- Payment Stakeholders
6.7 Business to Business Applications and Opportunities
6.8 Benefits and Drawbacks
6.8.1 Benefits Consumer Benefits Benefits to Stakeholders
6.8.2 Drawbacks / Shortcomings Possible Shortcomings Consumers See at this Stage Possible Shortcomings: Service Providers / Retailers Possible Shortcomings: Mobile Network Operators
6.9 Recommendations

Appendix A
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Appendix B
Visiongain Report Evaluation Form

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