Video Website WinkBall set to Capture Local Opinion at Cricket World Cup in India

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Local WinkBall Video Reporters to Collect Sporting Opinion From Cricket Fans via Video Vox-Pop Coverage

LONDON, February 18, 2011 - With Cricket's top sporting event, the World Cup nearly upon, UK video
website will be presenting a fresh depiction of this tournament
that is universally popular for all cricket fans…straight from the streets
of India.

With this esteemed Cricket event coming to India, WinkBall will be
sending out its worldwide network of street reporters to speak to the host
nations public and what will be the tournament's many thousand visiting fans.
Working on the streets of India, locally trained WinkBall reporters will be
bringing their unique citizen video coverage to the World Cup and discovering
what the fans think of this fantastic sporting occasion.

Through the unique power of online video, WinkBall and its vox-pop
coverage will present a new insight into the Cricket World Cup, one that
moves away from the habitual coverage of mainstream media. WinkBall's video
coverage will focus on the fans and will tell the story of the World Cup in a
new way, a story that goes further than a game of Cricket and gives a strong
voice to the fans who make the competition what it is.

WinkBall reporters will be finding out from fans before and after games,
who is the man to watch out for, their thoughts on the game, their messages
to players and much more. With the tournament held in India this year, video
reporters will also be gauging local opinion on this event coming to their
country and what it means to India on a cultural, political and
socio-economic level.

WinkBall will also have an interview with Indian cricket legend Sachin
and will be discovering his opinions on this year's World Cup,
finding out what the tournament means to him both as an Indian and Cricket

The Cricket World Cup looks to be an event to remember and WinkBall plan
to give it the coverage it deserves. WinkBall through its video coverage will
give the fans an open platform to express their views and have their say on
this sporting event that is so close to their hearts.

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