Think Like a Pony Club Launches New Interactive Website

By Think Like A Pony, PRNE
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

LEEDS, England, May 19, 2011 - Think Like a Pony, a unique approach to horsemanship for children, has
launched a new interactive club website

The Think Like a Pony Club philosophy is based around the ethos of
developing empathy, respect and understanding between rider and pony.

Without good communication skills, horsemanship is difficult and
dangerous. Through learning how to problem solve, Club members are empowered
to understand Why they are doing What they are doing. This gives young riders
a unique insight into a pony's world and training becomes simple, fun and

The Club website provides online support to members through exclusive
video lessons, worksheets, quizzes and challenges. By offering online
support, the Think Like a Pony Club helps children around the world resolve
any problems they may be experiencing at their home, yard or riding school.

In response to feedback from the ever-growing Facebook following, the
Club website was designed to offer young on-line fans a unique support system
to their horsemanship.

Lynn Henry, founder of Think Like a Pony, has made sure that the website
offers plenty of interactivity for club members.

"Through the Club website, the Think Like a Pony team and myself now have
the opportunity to mentor children anytime, anywhere. By building an online
horsemanship community for children, the Club website has made an education
in horsemanship accessible, tangible and fun!"

The increasingly popular Think Like a Pony Club provides a community for
children and families to exchange ideas and learn from each other. The vision
of the Club is to provide centres of excellence that educate children in how
to "Think Like a Pony". This way, children feel safe and encouraged to
interact with ponies or horses safely and empathetically.

For more information, visit or

Notes to editors.

Lynn Henry has five books published through Kenilworth Press and TLAP
Publishing. The full set is available from:

- Think Like a Pony Foundation Book RRP:GBP12.95

- Think Like a Pony on the Ground Workbook 1 RRP:GBP12.95

- Think Like a Pony on the Ground Workbook 2 RRP:GBP12.95

- Think Like a Pony on the Ground Workbook 3 RRP:GBP12.95

- Think Like a Pony in the Saddle Workbook 1 RRP:GBP14.99

These books are currently distributed in the UK, Spain, Holland, America,
Australia, South Africa.

For further information, contact Sophie Hildreth at or +44(0)7825338490


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