'TIFF 2010' DEP Proudly Presents Thailand's Premier Furniture Showcase Under the Concept of 'Living A Green Life'

By Integrated Communication Co. Ltd., PRNE
Wednesday, February 3, 2010

BANGKOK, February 4 - The Department of Export Promotion (DEP) in collaboration with the
Furniture Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries, and the Thai
Furniture Industries Association, is organizing the Thailand International
Furniture Fair 2010 (TIFF 2010), under the concept of "Living A Green Life".
This event gives business operators a chance to both exhibit their latest
furniture designs and seek business partnerships. TIFF 2010 will take place
during March 10th-14th, at IMPACT, Thailand.

Mrs. Srirat Rastapana, DEP Director-General, stated that, "The global
concerns about climate change have driven designers around the world to
originate a new concept of furniture design in order to help raise public
awareness on global warming. Such a concept has become a new trend in
furniture design. To capitalize on this opportunity, the DEP has planned to
arrange this year's TIFF event under the concept of "Living A Green Life",
which is in compliance with the rising global trend.

"The event will be divided into two parts. During the first three days,
March 10th-12th, the event is open exclusively for trade negotiations, while
in the last two days, March 13th-14th, it is open for public retailing. Apart
from being a spectacular, all-inclusive showcase of Thailand's very best
furniture production capacity and design, TIFF 2010 promises to be a great
platform for leading Thai furniture manufacturers, entrepreneurs, designers
and operators of related businesses including spare parts, machinery and
interior decor materials, to meet with potential buyers and counterparts from
overseas. It's a great chance for virtually everybody in the furniture
industry to seek alliance and reach common success." added Mrs. Srirat.

Mrs. Srirat further noted that, "TIFF 2010 is anticipated to be the most
comprehensive furniture exposition ever staged in Thailand. This expectation
is to encompass the various aspects of the event including the number of
participating exhibitors; revolutionary furniture designs; and, the trade and
business opportunities it will present to international visitors and
exhibitors themselves. In addition, TIFF 2010 will pave the way for
professional Thai designers to demonstrate their capabilities to the world,
through collections of unique furniture designs or furniture items made from
innovative, eco-friendly materials. The event is expected to welcome more
than 33,000 international visitors from Japan, USA, EU, India, Middle East,
Africa, Canada, Australia, Malaysia and Singapore.

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June 6, 2010: 10:33 pm

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