Tiffany Introduces True Love, the Website

By Tiffany Co., PRNE
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

NEW YORK, June 1, 2011 -

- Premieres with a Short Film Presented by Edward

As the jeweler synonymous with true love, Tiffany & Co. introduces a new
website and iPhone(R) App for all brave hearts who venture into this realm.
Now they have a guide.

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"Tiffany has long been a major presence at engagements and weddings, and
now we've built that presence online with love stories and a whole world of
romantic possibilities," said Caroline Naggiar, chief marketing officer of
Tiffany & Co.

The website and app are designed as the go-to resource for romantics
everywhere. Once besotted, couples see the world anew. Tiffany enthralls them
with tales of real-life couples who recall-on film and in
photographs-romantic roads taken and the thrill of it all. Visitors will also
find a compendium of tips for love-struck couples gleaned from Tiffany's 175
years as an expert on the subject. In addition, the website explores the
fabulous, fabled world of New York, the ultimate city for falling
ecstatically in love. debuts with noted actor and filmmaker Edward Burns'
Will You Marry Me?, a short film he created exclusively for Tiffany. Burns
presents a variety of couples who share heartfelt, humorous and surprising
episodes from their romantic journeys. Burns photographed the couples in
iconic New York settings: the city's skyline as majestic backdrop, a
cobblestone street in Greenwich Village, the Hudson River at dusk. The
director's unscripted format beautifully captures the couples' fond
recollections, and incorporates jewelry, photographs or love letters that are
symbols of their life together.

These experiences set a warm and engaging tone for the dynamic content
that awaits those who have just met or just wed. The content of is accessed through four main areas:

    - Love Stories Couples recount magical moments that include a diamond
      engagement ring or other gift. With personal photographs as a visual
      diary, the couples tell of a Tiffany silver loving cup that has toasted
      generations of brides and grooms; falling in love in Paris and
      returning to New York and a first apartment; and browsing engagement
      rings, with the favorite later purchased by a nervous future husband
      for his joyous wife-to-be.
    - The Art of Romance "Tiffany Tips: When Love Gets Serious" presents sage
      advice in a witty style to all who enter here. Tips touch on mutual
      respect and the art of compromise; how important it is to be oneself,
      to listen carefully and keep excitement alive. There are also clever
      caveats regarding money and family matters that help make true love run

On this section of the site, Tiffany recommends a playlist of classic
love songs as well as songs destined to inspire a new generation. One of
them, singer-songwriter Josh Radin's arrangement of the classic hit, You're
the First, the Last, My Everything, will be introduced exclusively on the
website and app.

Tiffany will introduce other exclusive new songs by various artists
throughout the year. Visitors may also choose from classics by legendary
artists including Louis Armstrong and Fred Astaire, as well as contemporary
performers such as John Legend, for sale on iTunes(R).

Movies set in New York are also listed (and may be purchased from
iTunes(R)). These include much-loved classics such as Sabrina and Breakfast
at Tiffany's, as well as You've Got Mail and When Harry Met Sally. Film
details include Tiffany's take on the film's romantic themes.

    - Tiffany's New York From its famous corner at Fifth Avenue and 57th
      Street, Tiffany overlooks Midtown Manhattan, Central Park and the Upper
      East Side. Full coverage is given to the celebrated restaurants (La
      Grenouille, Daniel) and museums (the Guggenheim and The Metropolitan)
      located in this gilded neighborhood, as well as destinations in
      neighborhoods uptown and downtown. These include intimate restaurants
      that offer a taste of Tuscany or the Left Bank; after-hours tours of
      renowned cultural institutions; cozy hideaways where Tiffany-inspired
      cocktails await; and walks through parks or gardens, and along streets
      lined with art galleries. These venues may be offered as "tips" on
      Tiffany's page at
    - Love is Everywhere Here users will add their own sentiments. After
      placing a heart at the desired point on a map and adding their
      initials, an overlay allows them to convey a story, send a note or
      perhaps suggest a favorite rendezvous. These hearts may be shared on
      Facebook(R) or Twitter(R) (#whatmakeslovetrue). will be updated regularly with new content from
Tiffany and visitors who add their own chapters to this endlessly fascinating
and touching human interest story: true love.

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