Tigris Uranium Accelerates Uranium Program; Appoints Mr. Joe Harrington to Advisory Board

By Tigris Uranium Corp, PRNE
Sunday, December 5, 2010

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, December 6, 2010 - Tigris Uranium Corp. (TSX.V: TU) ("Tigris" or the" Company")
announces it is accelerating its property review and acquisition program as a
result of the recent landmark U. S. Supreme Court rulings which laid the
groundwork for the resumption of uranium activities in New Mexico.

New Mexico has been the most prolific historic uranium
producer in the United States, and is well-known for some of the country's
largest and higher grade deposits. Tigris is reviewing the extensive data at
its disposal in preparation for a contemplated 2011 exploration program on
its 127,297 acre (51,515 hectare) private mineral rights holding in northwest
New Mexico. This extensive mineral right holding is in addition to the
Company's existing New Mexico projects which contain a total Indicated
Resource of 34.474 million pounds of eU3O8 at an average grade of 0.0949%
eU3O8 (Dauntless Capital Corp. News Release, 15 June 2010) as follows:

                               Million Tons Grade % eU3O8 Contained eU3O8
                                                          Million Pounds*
    Crownpoint Section 19      2.80         0.1006        5.634
    Crownpoint Section 29      4.26         0.0943        8.038
    Crownpoint Section 24      2.85         0.1041        5.980
    Hosta Butte                6.60         0.1123       14.822
    TOTAL                     16.51         0.0949       34.474

*Myers, 2010

    - Crownpoint Section 24 Property (60% interest in 140 ac or 56.66 ha);
      the 60% interest represents 2.85 million pounds of eU3O8 in 5.980
      million tons. This resource estimate is based on 316,750 ft of drilling
      in 157 holes drilled by Conoco during the 1970s. Metallurgical testing
      by Conoco demonstrated that the Crownpoint Section 24 Property deposit
      is amenable to ISL mining.

    - Crownpoint Section 19/29 Property (100% interest in 960 ac or 388.5
      ha); this resource estimate is based on a minimum of 667,000 ft of
      drilling in 325 holes drilled by Conoco during the 1970s. Metallurgical
      testing by Hydro Resources Inc. (Subsidiary of Uranium Resources
      URRE-NASDAQ) demonstrated that the Crownpoint Section 19/29 Property
      deposit is amenable to ISL mining.

    - Hosta Butte Deposit (100% interest in 1920 ac or 777 ha);
      this resource estimate is based on 325,285 ft of drilling in 133 holes
      drilled by Conoco during the 1970s. Metallurgical testing by Conoco
      demonstrated that the Hosta Butte Property deposit is amenable to ISL

Notes: Radiometric logging of the drill holes was completed by
Conoco, and the logs were examined by Greg Myers. Natural gamma
(counts/second, or cps), self potential (millivolts), and resistance (ohms)
were recorded at 1/2 foot increments on magnetic tape and then processed by
computer to graphically reproducible form. The eU3O8 % conversions from the
gamma log data were calculated using the raw natural gamma counts multiplied
by the K-factor times 2 (eU3O8 % = (gamma cps) x (K-factor x 10-5) x (2)). A
typical K-factor reported on a Hosta Butte log is 2.45 and the 10-5 factor is
not included on the log header, therefore the corrected K factor would be

Technical Advisory Board Appointment

The Company is also pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Joe
to the Company's Technical Advisory Board, joining Mr. Steve
. The Technical Advisory Board's mandate is to provide expertise to
the Company's senior management in operational matters related to uranium
geology, property acquisitions, permitting, production and reclamation.

"I welcome the opportunity to be working with Joe once again as we
continue to build an elite technical team with broad uranium experience,"
said William M. Sheriff, Chairman. "Joe brings a wealth of technical
knowledge and experience with uranium specific reclamation and remediation to
Tigris Uranium."

Mr. Joseph Harrington

Mr. Harrington was the CEO/founder of Green World Science, and the patent
inventor of the heavy metals immobilization treatment technology now owned by
Alexco Resource Corp. Mr. Harrington also served as Vice President of the
mining and metals business for ARCADIS, conducted research and development
for controlled release fertilizers, fuel ethanol, phosphate mineral
processing and bioremediation technologies for the J.R. Simplot Company. Mr.
Harrington previously served on the advisory board of Energy Metals
Corporation and is currently the Vice President of Technology and Strategic
Development at Alexco Resources Group. At Green World Science Inc., Mr.
Harrington implemented the treatment of the Sweetwater Uranium Pit Lake for
Kennecott Uranium Company, part of the Rio Tinto Group. This treatment
program resulted in the non-coal award for Excellence in Reclamation for 2001
by the State of Wyoming, and attained stringent targets for restoration of
the lake water quality including the surrounding aquifer. The in-situ
treatment approach is applicable to restoration of ISL aquifers as well as
water quality in underground mine pools, beneath tailings impoundments and
for addressing impacts on water quality from the location of waste rock
disposal areas.

Mr. Harrington graduated summa cum laude from the University of Idaho in
1996 with majors in Chemistry and Microbiology and completed his graduate
work at the University of Idaho in 1998 in Metallurgical Engineering.

The technical content of this news release has been reviewed and approved
by Tigris' Chief Geologist Douglas Underhill, PhD, MSc, MBA a Qualified
Person as defined by National Instrument 43-101.

About Tigris Uranium Corp.

Tigris Uranium Corp. has assembled an elite staff and
technical team with considerable experience in the uranium sector and is
committed to providing shareholders with exceptional leverage to rising
uranium prices through the acquisition of established resources. Tigris will
achieve this through four value-enhancing strategies: acquisition of uranium
projects with established resources in stable mining jurisdictions such as
the United States and Canada; conducting geological and engineering work
likely to expand resources, upgrade resources to reserves and improve
recoverability; advancing existing resources into and through the permitting
process to accelerate the potential uranium production timeline; and selling
or partnering projects, when they reach the production stage, to limit risk
and share dilution.

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that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts
responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

This press release contains projections and forward-looking information
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forward-looking information can include without limitation statements based
on current expectations involving a number of risks and uncertainties and are
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and objectives to differ materially from those expressed in the
forward-looking information. Actual results and future events could differ
materially from those anticipated in such information. These and all
subsequent written and oral forward-looking information are based on
estimates and opinions of management on the dates they are made and are
expressly qualified in their entirety by this notice. Except as required by
law, Tigris Uranium Corp. assumes no obligation to update forward-looking
information should circumstances or management's estimates or opinions

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For further information, please contact: Tigris Uranium Corp., Janet Lee-Sheriff, President, Phone: +1-604-648-4653

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