Top Tips for a Valentine's Day to Remember

By Hallmark Cards Plc, PRNE
Sunday, January 16, 2011

BRADFORD, England, January 17, 2011 - Head of Romance at Hallmark Cards, Kendra Keller certainly knows a thing
or two about romance and what we really want on Valentine's Day. Here Kendra
reveals some romance tips which will make you top of the class come
Valentine's Day:


    - A Valentine's card (,
      whether it's cute, classy, traditional or tacky, is considered the
      most important item to receive on Valentine's Day
      - don't neglect such a simple touch! Upload photographs (
      ) to one of our Personalised Valentine's cards (
      to make it extra special.
    - A home-made gift shows thought, consideration and creativity-
      think along the lines of home-made muffins, a personalised photo frame
      (so they can frame your thoughtful personalised Valentine's card
      ( of
      course!) or a delicious three course dinner for extra brownie points.


    - What you write in your personalised Valentine's day
      ( card
      says way more about your relationship than what you buy.
    - Personalised messages and private jokes show openness and the
      ability to be honest about your feelings, but remember to keep it clean
      as other people may well end up reading it!
    - If you want to write a poem, avoid channelling your inner cheese
      and remember it doesn't have to rhyme to be romantic - so just give it
      a go. If you want a hand our online Valentine 's Day (
      range always have a couple of verse options to choose from.


    - Dream dates are all about personal touches and don't just
      have to be about wining and dining, and splashing the cash!
    - Personal grooming should be a given- but a bit of effort (a nice
      new shirt/haircut/new underwear) will not go unnoticed and get you
      extra brownie points boys and girls!
    - A home-cooked meal, foot massage, bubble bath or even agreeing to
      watch the football/ Desperate Housewives are all activities that are
      easily achievable and just as effective as love hearts and roses.
    - Why not create a personalised invitation (
      for your date to make it really different?

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