Georgia-Pacific Launches Break-Through Innovation in Bathroom Tissue Segment: The Fully Flushable, Biodegradable Aqua Tube (TM)

By Georgia-pacific, PRNE
Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Revolution in the Toilet Paper Segment, Aqua Tube(TM) is one of the Most Appealing Consumer Innovations Over the Last Decades

BRUSSELS, January 17, 2011 - Georgia-Pacific, one of the leading producers
of tissue, paper, packaging and building products in the world, launches Aqua
Tube(TM) in Europe, the first ever fully flushable, biodegradable bathroom
tissue center tube, replacing the traditional cardboard core and offering
consumers enhanced comfort and convenience. Recent research, commissioned by
Georgia-Pacific, has shown that more than 80% of consumers are interested to
use the flushable Aqua Tube(TM) as it will make their lives more convenient.
Of respondents, 73% state that it's always them having to clean up the core.
Thanks to Aqua Tube(TM), there will be no more fuss or annoyance once the
toilet roll has been finished: just throw the tube in the toilet, flush, and
it will vanish. The product will be launched in Europe during the course of
2011 starting with Belgium, Spain, the Netherlands and Portugal, under the
brands Lotus(R) and Colhogar(R).

Breakthrough innovation in the category

Consumer tests have shown that Aqua Tube(TM) is the most relevant and
appealing innovation in the bathroom in the last decades. More than half of
consumers don't recycle their core; they either leave it for the next person
or put it in the normal dustbin. Research also showed that of the many
different paper products, the core is the least likely to be recycled (55%).

The flushable Aqua Tube(TM) offers consumers a new choice. This
new-generation "core" is the first product of its kind on the market. For the
first time, consumers have the choice to either flush the tube or recycle it.

Aqua Tube(TM) is a unique development. Georgia-Pacific has discovered a
way to make paper so strong that it can replace the traditional core and yet
rapidly dissolve when it touches water. As it is made of biodegradable
material, it will start to disintegrate when flushed.

Main survey results

Georgia-Pacific commissioned research via Ipsos in Belgium, France and
Spain with over 3000 consumers. The main results were as follows:

- 82% of respondents are interested in buying bathroom tissue with the
new Aqua Tube(TM). The main reasons given are convenience (38%) and
environment (30%).

- This makes sense considering only 55% of consumers recycle their cores;
one in five simply throws the core with the regular trash and almost one in
three just leaves the core in the bathroom for the next person to clean it

- Women replace the toilet paper roll more often than men (83% versus
62%) so this makes Aqua Tube(TM) a very relevant innovation.

- 65% of respondents believe that having a flushable tube would make the
other household members clean up the "core" more

Tarek Hallaba, President EMEA consumer business: "The results of our
survey clearly show that Aqua Tube(TM) will have a significant impact on how
we experience our bathroom break, since we are taking care of one of the last
little annoyances that consumers have raised. Aqua Tube(TM) will make your
bathroom break that little more convenient; all you have to do is flush the
tube down the toilet, and it will immediately disintegrate. At
Georgia-Pacific, we believe that Aqua Tube(TM) is the new-generation "core"
and the future for all toilet paper. It is an all-round tube as you can flush
it or recycle it. With this most recent innovation, we are demonstrating that
Georgia-Pacific is a leader in the toilet tissue category and truly responds
to the needs of consumers."

The survey results are available upon simple request.

About Georgia-Pacific

Headquartered at Atlanta, Georgia-Pacific is one of the world's leading
manufacturers and marketers of building products, tissue, packaging, paper,
cellulose and related chemicals. The company employs more than 40,000 people
at approximately 300 locations in North America, South America and Europe.
Georgia-Pacific creates long-term value by using resources efficiently to
provide innovative products and solutions that meet the needs of customers
and society, while operating in a manner that is environmentally and socially
responsible and economically sound.

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[1] Research commissioned by Georgia-Pacific via IPSOS in Belgium, France
and Spain with over 3000 consumers.

Sara Deleebeeck and Olivia Schwarz, Hill & Knowlton International, Belgium, +32-2-737-95-00, sdeleebe at, oschwarz at; Sabine Henssler, Georgia-Pacific EMEA, +32-2-640-70-76, sabine.henssler at

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