Frankfurt Airport Focuses on Enhanced Customer Service

By Fraport Ag, PRNE
Monday, December 13, 2010

Fraport Launches "Great to Have You Here!" Program

FRANKFURT, Germany, December 14, 2010 - Fraport AG, the owner and manager of Frankfurt Airport (FRA),
launched a new enhanced customer service initiative today at its FRA home
base. The program has been named "Great to have you here!" - indicating the
clear mission of the long-term service initiative. "It is our goal to provide
an even better product and give every passenger the feeling of a very warm
welcome," explained Fraport AG's executive board chairman Dr. Stefan Schulte.
Fraport has already allocated some EUR10 million for the program.

The time that passengers spend at the airport - before
departure, upon arrival or during a connecting stopover - is an important
part of the entire travel experience. More than half of Frankfurt Airport's
passengers are transferring to another flight. These guests, in particular,
require a high service level that keeps them coming back "home" to FRA and
that also makes Germany's largest hub stand above its international

"The program follows a holistic approach," stressed Schulte.
"We are examining the entire travel process as well as each and every single
step along the travel chain. Check-in, security control and baggage drop-off
are only some the most vital elements in the travel
chain. Each individual process requires careful scrutiny and
further optimization in the passengers' interest. To achieve this, we are
working closely with our partners - the airlines, retail and restaurant
concessionaires, and various authorities — to enhance the quality standard
of all processes, including those aspects of the travel chain where we only
have limited influence," said Dr. Schulte.

"Frankfurt Airport offers the ideal prerequisites for this new
service program," said Peter Schmitz, Fraport executive board member
responsible for airport operations. "We are experts in the airport business
and have established a worldwide reputation for operational performance."
"Furthermore, our highly-motivated employees identify strongly with "their
airport" and are proud to offer increased service and a warm welcome to our
passengers daily." This provides a solid foundation for successfully building
our next generation of "Great to have you here!" enhanced services.

Our initiative is divided into four key projects. The aim of
the "Friendly and Attentive" key project is to offer passengers - in a
proactive manner — the necessary support, assistance and information they
may need at any time. The goal of the "Fast and Comfortable Traveling" key
project is to optimize the long paths that passengers sometimes have to walk
at mega airports like FRA (serving more than 50 million passengers per year).
For technical reasons, it is not possible to shorten such distances but
procedures can be simplified and accelerated. The "Pleasant Ambience" key
project focuses on many aesthetic and visually pleasing aspects
that also improve the overall travel experience: lighting,
color design, and choice of materials, etc. New rest areas with reclining
seats provide peace and relaxation away from the bustling high-traffic
corridors of the terminals. More play areas for children, re-designed
sanitary facilities, and the redevelopment of the Terminal 1 curbside arrival
forecourt will further enhance FRA's attractiveness in the near future. The
"Shopping and Excitement" key project is another important element of the
holistic concept. The range of restaurants and gastronomic delights at FRA
will continue to expand and new types of retail products, services and
entertainment will be offered.

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