IKEA Crowned 'Retailer of the Year Europe' 2010!

By Qa Research Consultancy, PRNE
Monday, December 13, 2010

BRUSSELS, December 14, 2010 - Today the winner of 'Retailer of the Year Europe' 2010 was announced.
Retailer of the Year is the largest consumer survey in Europe and this year
the survey was held in no less than 10 European countries. Over 1.45 million
consumers participated in the consumer survey and assessed over 1100 retail
chains that characterise the high street.

IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, performed best and can now call itself
the 'Retailer of the Year Europe' for a whole year. In 7 out of the 10
countries, IKEA is in the top 5 of the 'best' retail chains. In Portugal and
Switzerland, they may even call themselves 'Retailer of the Year'. IKEA
mainly makes a difference in terms of Price aspects (Value for money, Pricing
and Special offers) and Product range.

The sports chain Decathlon is inside the top 5 in 4 countries and
therefore takes second place. Just like IKEA, Decathlon scores well on Price
Aspects and Product Range. M&S Mode and Pearle Opticians share third place.
Both companies scored 'best' in two countries. M&S Mode and Pearle mainly
stand out with regard to service aspects (Service, Customer-friendliness and
Staff expertise).

These retail chains scored best and can call themselves 'Retailer of the
Year' in their countries.

    IKEA                   Portugal and Switzerland
    M&S Mode               France and Spain
    Pearle Opticians       Belgium and Luxembourg
    Ernsting's family      Germany
    Paradigit              Netherlands
    Esselunga              Italy
    Aldi Sud/Hofer         Austria

Price aspects the most important

Starting in May 2010 consumers were able to participate in the survey.
During this period the recession played an important role, which is shown by
the fact that overall consumers consider the Price aspects to be the most
important, followed by the Product range aspect.

How does the survey work?

Retailers ask their customers to assess them. During the assessment based
on a questionnaire, consumers can assess several retail chains where they
have shopped in the past year. The assessment consists of scores for 9
aspects. Based on the average score, the overall winner is determined for
each country. The winner of the European overall prize is determined based on
the top-5 classifications in all countries, where number 1 receives 5 points
and number 5 receives 1 point.

Q&A is the initiator of Retailer of the Year Europe 2010.

More information: Q&A Research & Consultancy , +31(0)33-2454637, info at retaileroftheyear.eu

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