Trade Extensions Grows by 25%

By Trade Extensions, PRNE
Thursday, August 26, 2010

LONDON, August 27, 2010 - Trade Extensions has recorded growth in revenue of 25% in the twelve
months up to the end of July 2010. The growth sees the company continue where
it left off in 2009 and the signs are that growth is expected to continue.

Significant developments in the first half of 2010 that have contributed
to the company's success include the opening of two US sales offices - in
Seattle, WA and Boston, MA areas - and the launch of software version 5.5
that includes improved reporting and 'one page' optimisation.

Optimisation has been described as 'Instant ROI. Guaranteed'1 and is
playing a more significant role in strategic sourcing. It is the only way to
identify the optimum combination of goods and suppliers from the millions of
possibilities generated during a large-scale sourcing project and allows
organisations to reduce costs without compromising quality. While strategic
sourcing objectives tend not to be purely financial, cost reductions of 10%
are common and savings are often greater.

Business customers using the software directly and consultants using the
software with their own clients continue to be the main sectors of focus for
Trade Extensions. In the 12 months up to the end of July, the revenue from
business users increased by 30% and consultants by 70%. A significant trend
that is developing is more companies moving to multi-year licence agreements
as they become more experienced in using the software and realise the
benefits it delivers.

Trade Extensions, CEO, Garry Mansell said, "25% growth in the last year
is a reflection of the quality of our strategic sourcing and optimisation
software and the realisation among large organisations that optimisation is
essential in complex sourcing projects."

Trade Extensions works in all industry sectors but has been particularly
successful in the retail, transport, chemical and FMCG sectors. Regarding
areas for potential growth it is clear that the public sector presents
opportunities for Trade Extensions and this is an area where it has
traditionally been strong after pioneering the use of combinatorial auctions
in the Swedish public sector in the early 2000s.

1Source: "Is 2010 The Coming of Age for Sourcing and Supply Chain
Optimization?" Sourcing Innovation-18 February 2010-(

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Trade Extensions

Trade Extensions ( procurement software
helps organisations achieve their strategic buying objectives by specifying
sourcing events, collecting offers and, most significantly, optimising the


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