Pakistani Minorities Organize Demonstration Prayer in Front of the Pakistani Embassy

By European Organization For Pakistani Minorities, PRNE
Thursday, August 26, 2010

BRUSSELS, August 27, 2010 - The European Organization for Pakistani Minorities(EOPM)
organized today a peaceful prayer protest in front of the Pakistani Embassy
in Belgium to remember and pray for the innocent people of the minority
communities in Pakistan who are denied their basic human rights. The
demonstration highlighted several recent incidents targeting the minorities
of Pakistan and EOPM demanded immediate action to ensure security of the
lives, property and honour of these patriotic Pakistanis belonging to
religions other than Islam.

A representative of the EOPM said "What prompted us to hold this prayer
and peaceful protest was the news of an ugly crime, committed by a Muslim
Doctor against a poor Christian girl on 14 July, 2010. Dr Jabar threw Miss
from the fourth floor of Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Centre,
Karachi after raping her. This hospital is named after the Founder of
Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, and all doctors working here are
Muslims. Some visitors who had come to see a patient saw Magdalene Ashraf,
wearing a nurse's uniform being thrown from the fourth floor''.

A couple of months earlier, the place of worship of another religious
minority of Pakistan, the Ahmadyya community was attacked by Muslim
extremists, killing dozens of innocent Ahmadyya minority of Pakistan.

In a written appeal to the President of Pakistan, copies of
which were also sent to the European Parliament, the European Union and the
European Commission, EOPM has urged the Government of Pakistan to usher in
changes to save the country. EOPM called on the President of Pakistan to act
and expressed hope that the President will emerge as a great leader in
history by taking bold steps to change the Constitution of Pakistan and
repealing the notorious Blasphemy law. This draconian law is a convenient
tool in every misguided Pakistani Muslim's hand to settle personal scores
against minorities, especially their Christian brethren.

EOPM called on the authorities to ensure that the minorities of Pakistan
enjoy their fundamental human rights and live in peace and honour in

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