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By Travelmatch, PRNE
Monday, August 29, 2011

LONDON, August 30, 2011 -

-travelmatch has released an infographic that shows some of the huge numbers behind the travel industry-

Today travelmatch, an online travel company, has released an infographic quantifying some of the huge numbers behind the travel industry. The company developed the piece to show the scope of the travel industry, and its importance to the global economy. But more importantly, the amount of pigs turned into hotel bacon each year is revealed, alongside enough soap to outweigh 65,000 elephants and enough urine to fill 19 Olympic size swimming pools.

Alex Francis of travelmatch comments: “The travel industry is an incredibly important part of the modern economy and it accounts for a large portion of the global GDP. Indeed, we collectively spend almost six thousand billion US dollars on travel every year - this has a huge, positive impact upon the economy.”

The infographic adopts a humorous tone and presents a variety of statistics in an original manner. It should help people on holidays to Corfu put their trips in a global context, while also demonstrating how much sunscreen is needed to evenly coat Luxembourg in a layer of SPF 30.

Francis continues: “When compiling the statistics behind this piece, we were shocked by the magnitude of some of the numbers we were encountering. With over 8.93 billion holiday days spent abroad by tourists, the travel industry is a truly powerful global force.

“Above all, it is good to see the scope of some of these numbers as they mean that more and more people are taking the chance to enjoy great holidays. At travelmatch we believe all inclusive holidays abroad are a great way to relax and take some time away from the stress of regular life. These astounding figures clearly show that the industry is in good shape.”

travelmatch based the infographic on research conducted through a variety of sources including the UNWTO, the European Commission, Boeing and the WTTC. The infographic can be found on travelmatch’s blog at

About travelmatch:

travelmatch ( is a new travel discovery engine that helps inspire customers by matching their requirements to a wide range of holidays, hotels, flights, cruises, villas or city breaks. Unlike other travel sites, customers are not required to choose a destination, date or budget before they can begin searching. Customers are able to make informed decisions by exploring photos, user reviews, maps, events and activities and other fun things relevant to their chosen travel product. travelmatch, which closed its first funding round in 2010, is based in Notting Hill, London.

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