Treading New Paths: Danube University Krems is Training Mobility Managers

By Danube University Krems, PRNE
Wednesday, April 6, 2011

KREMS, Austria, April 7, 2011 - Climate changes, scarcity of resources, growing CO2 emissions
due to motor vehicles - environmental issues are occupying an increasing
portion of daily media coverage. A focal question here is the future of
mobility and sustainable alternatives in the field of transport. Future
models for companies and regions will be addressed in the new MBA program for
"E-Mobility Management" at Danube University Krems starting in September
. The course provides the knowledge required to face new challenges and
cope competently with business areas relating to production, the electricity
industry, sales and marketing.

The "Roadmap to a Single European Transport Area 2011" aims at
a competitive and resource efficient transport system for Europe. It takes on
the challenge of seeking a deep transformation of it, promoting independence
from oil, the creation of modern infrastructure and multimodal mobility
assisted by smart management and information systems.

This signifies not merely climate protection but also a boom
for the economy and new jobs. In order to cope with these challenges, Danube
University Krems is starting a comprehensive university course for Mobility
Management. "Vehicles driven by electricity present a range of entirely new
requirements which call for timely development of new solutions to supplement
the existing products," said the mobility expert Roland Dimai. He is a
lecturer and co-developer of the new MBA program in Krems.

The course has been designed in an interdisciplinary manner.
Experts from neighboring specialties will also have a say in the matter -
such as experts on the subjects of public and private partnership, EU
emission trading, or municipal planning.

New areas of business for a variety of branches

The University course addresses energy producers, fleet
managers, sales and marketing personnel, product developers, and interest
representatives of organizations. Decision-makers from the electricity
industry will expand their knowledge by gaining competence on subjects like
the need for mobility in aging societies and the requirements of the "New Low
Carbon Society", which have been established by the EU Roadmap 2050.

Certified Program and Master of Business Administration

"E-Mobility Management" is a certified program that can be
completed in two semesters or extended to obtain the academic degree of MBA
(Master of Business Administration) in three (full-time) or four semesters

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