UK Chooses Traditional Wine For Christmas

By Serenata Wines, PRNE
Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Web-based Wine Merchant Serenata Wines Says Christmas Celebrators are Keeping Traditions When Buying Their Wine for Christmas.

LONDON, November 11, 2010 - Serenata thinks that festive classic Burgundy will once more blaze a
trail when it comes to Christmas best-sellers. The London-based wine expert
also made known that other traditional favourites, Port and Champagne, are
proving well-liked.

Peter Ahl, MD of Serenata Wines, said: "At Christmas our customers always
like to buy something 'a bit out of the ordinary' for that festive season. UK
is a good place to be a wine-fan. Every wine-growing country sends its wares
to us and there is an embarrassment of wine sorts available. The possibility
to buy wine online has additionally given people much more alternatives and
freedom to buy the very best. But Christmas can also be a confusing time."

"Burgundy is definitely considered as the Christmas wine classic. Lots of
people who drink other wines with a little more 'grip' during the rest of the
year prefer a traditional Burgundy for their Christmas dinner."

"When talking of classics one can't exclude Champagne and Port. Port is
not as fashionable as it used to be, but it's very strong and a traditional
option for Christmas," Ahl said.

Nonetheless, Serenata's special Christmas suggestion is a red wine that's
not quite as stereotypical. Montepuliciano d'Abruzzo from Valle Reale was the
victor of Three Glasses in the 2009 Gambero Rosso Awards.

Peter added: "This is a lovely wine with a pronounced balsamic and gentle
clove, and cinnamon notes shining with the gentle plum and damson fruit. To
put it differently, it is the perfect glass of red with this season. It
really is elegant with a hint of warmth from the Italian south. There is a
complexity towards the new 2006 that belies wear and tear: fabulous stuff
plus a total steal."

For revellers in the mood for fizz but who don't fancy spending for
Champagne, Serenata has suggested the "startlingly good" Prosecco from their
man Giovanni Frozza. Giovanni is a manufacturer in Valdobbiadene. He is
widely regarded by connoisseurs within the Veneto region as an excellent
maestro in the ability of Prosecco winemaking.

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