Ukrainian Peace Index Went up 28 Positions From 2010

By Worldwide News Ukraine, PRNE
Thursday, May 26, 2011

KYIV, Ukraine, May 27, 2011 -

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) has released its
latest annual Global Peace Index Report (GPI). According to the results of
the analytical research held in 153 countries, Ukraine has made a major leap
by going up 28 positions since last year and showed the second-largest
improvement in the region.

The GPI, produced by the Institute for Economics and Peace, is
the world's leading measure of global peacefulness. It gauges ongoing
domestic and international conflict, safety and security in society and
militarization in 153 countries by taking into account 23 separate

The research findings showed that Iceland is the world's most
peaceful nation and Libya tumbled a record 83 spots in rankings. Now, in its
fifth year, the GPI also shows that the threat of terrorism increased in 29

Ukraine has gone from 97th place in 2010 to 69th in this
year's report. Russia is way below occupying the 147th position. Ukraine's
improvement of the overall score reflects the increased political stability
that accompanied Viktor Yanukovych's victory in the presidential election in
early 2010, and his success in creating a majority coalition in parliament
and installing a loyal government. Relations with Russia also thawed in 2010.

As for political stability, the new President Viktor
took office in April 2010 and since then has managed to
consolidate powers, which his predecessors were competing for. His government
started implementing reforms, among which was the administrative reform which
brought significant changes to the executive power structure. As a result,
most of the experts noted that the level of political stability had gone up.

Yanukovych swiftly reached a historic deal with Russia's
leadership, through the so-called Kharkiv Agreements, resolving a series of
controversial issues hedging the development of bilateral relations, such as
the presence of Russia's Black Sea fleet in Crimea, and prices on Russian gas
exported to Ukraine.

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