"Useful" iPad Apps for Business and Balanced Scorecard

By Business Strategy Consultora, PRNE
Tuesday, June 28, 2011

MADRID, June 29, 2011 -

What’s a business application? It’s one that helps our

And what’s a useful business application? It’s one that
helps to “improve productivity” and makes easier our

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The difference is important, there are many business apps and we
have to select those “useful business apps”.

The Appstore categories differentiate their nature but do not
guarantee their effectiveness in “improving our
productivity.” Let me tell you my experience as an
entrepreneur and how iPad helps me:

The first time I used an iPad I asked myself if I already had a
desktop computer, a laptop and a mobile phone with an Internet
connection, why buy an iPad?

I firstly used to read emails and access Internet, later I used
to read news and download interesting apps that help me in my

But something was missing, people talk about mobility, data
available anywhere, anytime, and ease to use. I needed a tool
that would allow me to manage my company’s strategy, see the most
important objectives at a glance, indicators to tell me if I’m in
the right way to compare my budget to reality and to analyze

That’s when I was thinking on href="www.bscipad.com">Balanced Scorecard methodology, a
well known and prestigious methodology used by large companies.
There was the solution I needed, but the problem was the software
price, too high for my small business.

Putting together all these needs and concerns, a
brilliant idea was born to create a business app for iPad to
help companies design and manage the achievement of strategies
easily and effectively: href="itunes.apple.com/app/balanced-scorecard/id414209134?mt=8">
“BSC-i: Balanced Scorecard”. 

Later, due to the popular success of this app we created another
two specialized app for href="itunes.apple.com/app/balanced-scorecard-for-human/id428923224?mt=8">
Human Resources and href="itunes.apple.com/app/balanced-scorecard-for-nonprofits/id428926936?mt=8">
Non-Profit Organizations, evolving each version with new

Also, few days ago we uploaded a free href="itunes.apple.com/app/balanced-scorecard-lite/id417195942?mt=8">
LITE version at Appstore.

The key of these apps are usability, simplicity and design,
getting a unique experience for the user and placing at the palm of
its hand the control of its business. 

To better understand what this app can do for your Business
please watch this video

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