Valued Opinions Reveals Britain as a Nation of Milk Chocolate Lovers

By Valued Opinions, PRNE
Thursday, January 20, 2011

LONDON, January 21, 2011 - Valued Opinions has revealed that the UK has the second highest
consumption of chocolate per person in the whole of Europe, and that the
confectionary market is worth a staggering GBP4 billion.

A recent Valued Opinions online poll has found out the favorite type of
chocolate: two thirds of Brits (66%) like milk chocolate the best whilst 22%
prefer dark chocolate and 12% would choose white chocolate. Just 1% of all
respondents of the online opinion poll didn't like chocolate at all,
reflecting the fact that for most of the people in Britain, chocolate is a
luxury they can't live without.

Although chocolate has traditionally been regarded as a naughty-but-nice
treat, recent scientific research into its chemical properties has revealed
that it has important health benefits. Raw cacao has the highest antioxidant
value of any natural food. Among other things, it also improves heart
function, helps to reduce cholesterol and high-blood pressure and has a
wealth of stress-busting, feel-good and anti-depressant chemicals.

Evidence has suggested that consuming small quantities of high-quality
dark chocolate (which, according to Valued Opinions, around a fifth of Brits
consider their favorite) has some measurable health benefits including
lowering blood pressure and cholesterol and increasing insulin sensitivity.

However, consumers won't get a chocolate-induced bill of health from the
cheaper chocolate bars that stack the UK shelves. The majority of milk and
white chocolate is made from cocoa beans that have been roasted, treated with
alkalis or other chemicals. These processes strip the beans of virtually any
valuable nutrition. The chocolate is then bulked out with additives such as
hydrogenated oils, animal fats, refined sugar, dairy products and chemical
preservatives; all of which make it a less than healthy option.

Milk chocolate typically contains around 20% milk fat which aside from
being calorie laden also inhibits the body's absorption of cocoa's
antioxidants. White chocolate, which many consider not to be proper chocolate
because it contains no cocoa solids, doesn't fare any better; a recent
Cornell University study found that it yielded no measurable health benefits
at all.

This is bad news for milk chocolate-loving Brits. Most chocolate produced
for the UK market is milkier and contains less cocoa than chocolate in the
rest of Europe. In 2003, the Food Standards Authority was pleased when the EU
regulations allowed British chocolate to have 20% (rather than the former
25%) cocoa solids in order to be classified as real chocolate.

It might not be good quality and it's certainly not healthy, but market
research shows that Britons like cheap, sweet, milky chocolate and the FSA
argues that they should be allowed to continue making and eating it.

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