Volas Entertainment & Investro Group Launch MagoMovil on Tigo's Mobile Content Portal in Guatemala

By Volas Entertainment Ltd, PRNE
Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Now its Official, 5 Million of Tigo's Subscribers Will be Able to Access MagoMovil and Play our new Fantasy World Cup 2010 Online Mobile Game

HERZLIAH, Israel, July 7, 2010 - Volas Entertainment Ltd, a leading mobile content service
provider and Investro Group, a leading High-Tech solution provider Group in
Latin America today announce the official launch of MagoMovil, a mobile
content portal, on Tigo, Guatemala's leading mobile operator with over 5
million subscribers. The portal can be found inside Tigo's portal at the
following address: wap.tigo.com.gt

Under MagoMovil, Tigo users will be able to access our latest
Fantasy World Cup 2010 service. Users will be able to create their own teams
and manage players using live statistics from the World Cup 2010 tournament
in South Africa. Subscribers will be able to compete against each other and
prizes will be offered to the Top managers each week.

MagoMovil will also offer a wealth of local and international
premium content and services, including games, videos, music, themes, images,
applications and infotainment services. New content and services will be
introduced on a regular basis, making sure Tigo subscribers will keep on
coming back for more.

Adi Goren, CEO of Investro Group, said "We are thrilled with
the opportunity to work with a leading provider like Tigo and excited to
expand our business in Guatemala to include mobile value added services.
MagoMovil will deliver a dynamic experience with tailored, quality mobile
content to ensure a unique experience. We are very optimistic about our
continued relationship with Tigo and the promising potential that lies

Doron Cohen, CEO at Volas Entertainment, said: "Being able to
launch MagoMovil first with Tigo, Guatemala's largest operator, has given us
the necessary indication that we are in the right market at the right time.
Tigo's responsiveness and eagerness to move forward has only strengthen us
and provided us the required feedback that we are offering the right mix of
content and services. It is our goal to continue to expand our operation
within Tigo as well as in the region."

About Tigo

Tigo, also known as Millicom, provides affordable, widely
accessible and readily available prepaid cellular telephony services to more
than 30 million customers in 13 emerging markets in Latin America and Africa
where the basic telephone service is often inadequate and where economic
development and rising personal income levels are creating increasing demand
for communication services.

Millicom's proven prepaid, mass market distribution and perceived
price leadership strategy have enabled it to continue to pursue high growth
while delivering operating profitability. Millicom's shares are listed on the
Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol MICC and on Stockholmsborsen under the
symbol MIC.

About Volas Entertainment

Volas Entertainment, part of the Logia Group, provides a
combination of technological solutions and content related services,
tailoring comprehensive mobile portal solutions for operators, content
providers and media owners. Products & services include VAMP(TM) - our mobile
content management platform, portal & application development, mobile billing
integrations, content & services aggregation.

Constantly striving to lead and excel, Volas continues to develop
its product portfolio and enhance its content aggregation services throughout
the world. Connected to more than 20 leading operators around the world with
the likes of Vodafone, Telecom Italia, Cellcom, Orange, Airtel, Smart, AIS, &
Amdocs and collaborating with more than 85 content & application providers.

About Investro Group

Founded in 2004, Volas Entertainment is headquartered in
Herzliah, Israel. For more information, please visit: www.VolasEnt.com

Investro Group Inc. is a private holding business group
specialized in business development in the high tech field. Investro Group's
main objective is to bridge the cultural and geographical gap between
developed and developing countries by penetrating those markets with
innovative and advanced solutions in numerous working areas.

Investro Group holds leading subsidiary companies in a few
growing business sectors with the aim of focusing on successful independent
operation of each individual organization.

Investro Group is a dynamic entrepreneur in the high tech field
based on a very unique strategy in order to meet its commercial and financial
objectives by providing strong and solid business opportunities to our
clients, partners and investors.

For more information visit: www.investrogroup.com.

    Media Contacts:

    Doron Cohen
    CEO and Founder
    Volas Entertainment

    Adi Goren
    CEO and Founder
    Investro Group Inc.

    Tel +972-732525252

Media Contacts: Doron Cohen, CEO and Founder, Volas Entertainment, doron at volasent.com . Adi Goren, CEO and Founder, Investro Group Inc., adi at investrogroup.com . Tel +972-732525252.

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