World Finance Foreign Exchange Awards 2010

By World Finance, PRNE
Tuesday, June 22, 2010

LONDON, June 23, 2010 - Because of its liquidity, Forex has ably withstood market turbulence
during the downturn. Indeed, investor confidence has remained relatively
intact. Forex kept working steadily, providing one of the essential cogs that
kept the financial system going through one of its darkest periods. It has
been interesting to see which of the platforms took the opportunity to
improve their services and reap the rewards of the newfound appeal of trading
in currencies. World Finance heralds some of the top companies this year, all
of whom continue to lead the way through a volatile period.

Our editorial board used as their criteria pricing, transaction volume,
market share, customer service, scope of global coverage, and innovative
technologies. Congratulations to the winners.

    Most Innovative Trading Platform

    Best Execution House
    Alpari UK

    Best White Label Solution Provider
    Saxo Bank A/S

    Best Financial Derivative Trading Provider

    Most Transparent Broker
    AVA FX

    Fastest Growing Global Forex Broker

    Best Mobile Trading Platform
    InterBank FX

    Best Affiliate Program

    Best Islamic Forex Provider
    AVA FX

    Best Global Trading Platform

    Best Broker in USA
    InterBank FX

    Best Forex Broker in Asia

    Best Forex Broker in Australasia

    Best Forex Broker in BVI
    AVA FX

    Best Forex Broker in Canada
    AVA FX

    Best Forex Broker in Central & Eastern Europe
    TMS Brokers

    Best Forex Broker in Latin America

    Best Forex Broker in Middle East
    AVA FX

    Best Forex Broker in Russia & CIS

    Best Forex Broker in South East Europe
    Atlas Capital Financial Services

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