Xiam Recommendations Technology to Help Power Telefonica's Personalized Customer Experiences

By Qualcomm Incorporated, PRNE
Sunday, February 13, 2011

BARCELONA, Spain, February 14, 2011 - Xiam Technologies Ltd., a Qualcomm company and leading provider of
discovery and recommendations solutions, today announced an agreement with
Telefonica to integrate Xiam's recommendation technology into its
multi-channel touch points. This initiative will enable Telefonica to provide
its customers with content, services and offers uniquely tailored to their
individual needs and interests across all of their connected devices. By
identifying relevant and interesting content, Xiam's technology will help
Telefonica address the needs of their more than 300 million subscribers
across Europe and Latin America.

Telefonica announced today that they will initially launch the Xiam
solution within its multi-platform applications folder. The applications
folder will use Xiam's technology to deliver recommendations tailored to the
needs, interests and preferences of their customers across all their
connected channels, including Web, mobile and IPTV. The service will be
launched this year in seven Telefonica territories, including Spain, United
, Germany, Ireland, Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. Telefonica also
plans to expand the integration of Xiam's technology into a range of
additional services, such as music, video and customer rewards, so as to
offer a truly customer-centric approach.

"We believe that by delivering content and services tailored to each
individual across various channels, we will improve the overall customer
experience for each of our subscribers," said Tanya Field, director of Mobile
Data Group for Telefonica. "We are pleased to be working with Xiam to provide
our users recommendations and personalized services that are best-in-class."

Xiam's recommendations technology helps consumers discover the content
and services they want and enjoy while simultaneously enabling marketers to
reach the audiences most likely to engage with their products and offers.
Using Xiam's solutions, service providers can increase end user engagement
and drive adoption of new applications and services. The technology uses a
range of sophisticated algorithms and decision making techniques to identify
the service, content, offer or event most likely to address an individual's
needs at that precise moment and in the precise context in which they are
interacting with their service provider.

"With the vast range of choices available today, we understand that
consumers find value in getting a more personalized experience across all
touch points, and that presenting relevant offers increases engagement and
strengthens loyalty, " said Colm Healy, vice president and general manager of
Xiam Technologies. "Xiam helps service providers establish and maintain a
one-to-one conversation with each of their customers by enabling them to
discover a range of content and services across different channels, platforms
and devices."

About Xiam

Xiam Technologies, a Qualcomm company, is a leading provider of software
solutions for the marketing of digital content and services through its
Discovery and Recommendations solution. Xiam's recommendations technology
enables service providers to proactively promote the discovery and usage of
all types of content and services through the real-time delivery of
personalized offers tailored to the individual subscriber's interests, across
their connected devices. Xiam has a proven track record of delivering
superior performance partnered with some of the largest operators in the
United States
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