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Thursday, June 30, 2011

CHESTER, England, July 1, 2011 -

  • New TV Campaign for
    s Number one Price
    Comparison Site Celebrates
    the Euphoria
    you Feel When you Save Money
  • Produced by Leading ad Agency,
  • Fresh Approach to Advertising
    for the Price Comparison Market - Focuses
    on Emotional Benefit of Saving

Britain’s number one price comparison site, href="">
will launch its new advertising campaign on Sunday 3rd

In the first campaign for the company by award-winning agency,
Mother, is aiming to stand out from the rest
of the price comparison crowd, amplifying the emotional benefit of
using the site. The campaign focuses on celebrating the euphoria
that can come from saving money - especially now at a time when
thrift is king.

The first advertisement in the new campaign focuses on an
ordinary British family man, Geoff, who has used to save money on his car insurance. Buoyed by
his amazing ability to save, Geoff is on top of the world - he
feels invincible, he’s walking tall, he can take on the most
incredible of challenges. As his family get settled on the sand,
and the pro surfers stand on the shore surveying the massive waves,
Geoff takes to the mammoth swell - not on a surfboard - but on his
inflatable crocodile. Girls gasp and surfers stare with jealousy as
Geoff hangs ten on his croc. He’s incredible, he’s amazing, in
short, Geoff really is ’so moneysupermarket’.

The new ad was directed by Speck Gordon, the directing duo who
made the Will Ferrell movie, ‘Blades of Glory’. Shot in an epic
‘big screen’ style, it features the hit song ‘Wipe Out’ by the
Surfaris as the track accompanies Geoff on his surfing

The ad was shot in California and 12 inflatable plastic
crocodiles were harmed during the filming of the ad, as surfboards
and special effects were ditched for realism and a stuntman surfed
an inflatable crocodile in a Californian wave pool.

Speaking about the new campaign, href="">
s Marketing Director David Osborne, said:
“As Britain’s favourite comparison site, we need to make sure we
are always driving the category forward and building on our
market-leading position. This campaign is a fresh approach, and I’m
confident it will really help us to continue to stand out from the
rest of the crowd.

“It’s a perfect time to launch this new campaign. At a time when
many people are finding it hard to make ends meet, it really can
feel fantastic to save money. We wanted to dramatise that feeling
to give all of those people who use to save a
big pat on the back and encourage even more people to get that buzz
with us as well.”

ChrisGallery, strategist at Mother said:
“The brands in this category are the biggest advertisers on TV.
Their ads are loved, loathed and remembered by everyone. is the biggest of all the price comparison
websites and wanted advertising that is bigger, better and bolder
than before, a challenge we couldn’t resist. Our campaign is about
how great it feels to make a saving, to feel like you are king of
the world for a moment…and the epic consequences of that
feeling…”’s customer

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