650 Simultaneous Events Across Six Continents Mark Historic Cultural Achievement

By Global Day Of Jewish Learning, PRNE
Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Global Day of Jewish Learning" first world-wide, unifying event

NEW YORK, November 1, 2010 - On November 7, over 350 communities around the world will share in an
unprecedented day of dialogue, study and exploration, in a celebration
uniting the Jewish people.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz, renowned teacher, philosopher, social critic and
prolific author, will complete his monumental 45 volume translation and
commentary on the Talmud. Marking this phenomenal achievement 45-years in the
making, communities across Western Europe and the world are joining in The
Global Day of Jewish Learning.

Rabbi Steinsaltz's mission has always been to give Jewish texts and
learning back to the people. Rabbi Steinsaltz's address will be broadcast
live from Jerusalem's City Hall on Sunday, November 7 (9:00 PM Israel time).
To view, visit www.TheGlobalDay.com.

    WHAT:            The Global Day of Jewish Learning featuring 650
                     simultaneous programs

    WHEN:            Sunday, November 7, 2010
                     Complete list of locations and times:

    WHO & WHERE:     Participants in 350 independent communities in 45
    MEDIA RESOURCES: Videos: bit.ly/Global_Day_Videos
                     Facts: bit.ly/Global_Day_Fact_Sheet
                     Steinsaltz Talmud Photo: bit.ly/Global_Day_Talmud
                     Rabbi Steinsaltz Photo: bit.ly/Steinsaltz_Photo
                     Rabbi Steinsaltz Bio: bit.ly/Steinsaltz_Bio


Berlin, Germany: One of the city's many events is a dynamic program by
Limmud that will draw more than 400 Jewish leaders and provide translators so
that German, Russian, and English speakers can engage each other.

Amstelveen, The Netherlands: A mixed group of Jews and non-Jews will come
together at the at the CRESCAS, Jewish Educational Centre to study Talmud and
view the broadcast of the siyyum in Jerusalem.

Stockholm, Sweden: Paideia, The European Institute for Jewish Studies in
Sweden, will hold a special program for the young leaders in its One-Year
Jewish Studies Program who, under the instruction of visiting European and
Israeli faculty, are being steeped in Jewish culture and activism.

Global Day's main international partner, the American Jewish Joint
Distribution Committee (JDC) is supporting activities in more than 80 cities
and towns in 50 communities in the FSU, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova,
Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and Kyrgyzstan.

Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz and other key Global Day organizers are available
for interviews and comments. For more information, visit

Zeesy Schnur, (o) +1-212-489-0600 x204, (c) +1-917-838-8373, zc at schnurassociates.com or David Englin, (c) +1-703-505-6045, david at englin.net

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