ART: The Hippocrates by Artist Peter Engels Sold for 45,000 Euros

By Noble House Nv, PRNE
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

ANTWERP, Belgium, February 16, 2011 - Master portraitist Peter Engels painted Hippocrates, the
father of medicine. Bart Maes of the organic food company Noble-House and art
collector paid 45,000 euros for the painting.

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The Greek philosopher Hippocrates lived 400 years BC. Even in
his era, he urged people to stay healthy with natural, unrefined foods. He
spoke the wise words "Let food be your medicine", the philosophy at

"What contemporary international artist can revive better a
2500 year old character head than Peter Engels," says art collector Bart
. Engels has studied the few remaining sculptures that were made of the
ancient Greek philosopher and brought him back to life on a large canvas. The
penetrating and breath-taking magnum opus is quite contemporary at the same
time. The painting actually conceals Hippocrates' wise words. In Greek,

Noble-House's organic brand Amanprana offers several primeurs,
among which extra virgin oils, (edible) cosmetics, coconut blossom sugar
(containing many anti-oxidants), cocoa (as a healthy and lean sports drink),
and exclusive matcha tea. If possible, these articles are all fair trade and
fair world. Amanprana stands for "serene vitality", and so is their
communication: serene, useful, and artistic.

In the past, Peter Engels also painted the portrait of Gandhi,
which appears in the international communication of Noble-House for their
Amanprana Gula Java coconut blossom sugar. In 1939, Gandhi claimed that
coconut blossom sugar could solve world poverty. As the coconut blossom juice
quickly ferments, the sugar needs to be prepared immediately on the spot, so
local people can benefit from it.

Earlier on, Peter Engels has painted several great world
citizens in a most striking way on canvas. In Italy, he produced the very
last portrait of Luciano Pavarotti weeks before his death. The portrait of
Nelson Mandela appeared on the largest billboard in the world of Times Square
in New York on Mandela's birthday. Prince Albert of Monaco bought the
portrait of Grace Kelly from Peter Engels. The painter met Roger Moore, Toots
Thielemans, and Karl Lagerfeld and painted their portraits.

Currently, the Hippocrates masterpiece is in Nuremberg
(Germany), where it gets a place of honour at the Noble-House stand during
Biofach, the world's leading organic fair. Later, it will get its definitive
spot at the Noble-House premises. The painting will appear in the company's
international brochure, printed at 250,000 copies and in 10 languages.


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