World First: Candles From Purely Organically Produced Stearic

By Cremer Oleo Gmbh Co. Kg, PRNE
Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cremer Care Presents Raw Materials From 100% Controlled Cultivation

HAMBURG, Germany, February 16, 2011 - Natural plant-based raw materials are becoming increasingly important for
the ever-growing market for organic products. Cremer Oleo, the North German
leading producer of organic raw materials with its business unit Cremer Care,
has succeeded in finding a natural, purely plant-based and continuously
tested alternative to conventional stearic acid. The motto and the principle
of the Hamburg company - 'Inspired by nature' - is thus forcefully brought to

High expectations, as of the world's first certified organic stearic
acid, are simply fundamental to the daily work of Cremer Care. This is the
only way to fully meet the growing demand from more and more people with an
awareness of sustainability. 'With this unique plant-based, Ecocert certified
product, we have taken an important step towards the guarantee of a
consistent traceability of our products and raw materials - from the
plantation to the final product,' says Cremer business unit manager Patrick

The production of organic stearic acid to RSPO guidelines (Round Table
for Sustainable Palm Oil) is guaranteed by the long-term partner Daabon from
Colombia. There they have focused on plantations that are managed as
small-farmer cooperatives, that have committed themselves to a complete,
verifiable sustainability for more than 20 years.

Cremer goes that decisive step further to enable the production of
organic candles: 'The organic raw material is purchased from one of the
largest and most respected producers of organic agricultural products in
South America, shipped and then processed under strict guidelines for organic
stearic acid in Cremer Oleo's own production facility, 'Prignitzer Chemie' in
Brandenburg. The product is a real milestone that meets the highest demands
of any candle manufacturer.', as product manager Michael Gretscher sums it

Sustainability and social responsibility in the production of raw
materials thus complement each other in Cremer's motto 'Inspired by nature'.


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