Asamer Organises a Second Relief Convoy for Libya from La Spezia to Benghazi

By Asamer Holding Ag, PRNE
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OHLSDORF, Austria and BENGHAZI, Libya, August 17, 2011 -

Asamer is shipping a further 12 pallets containing medicines and baby food to Benghazi with the support of Doka, Hipp and OMV. Asamer employees in Libya were handed the convoy  on 15th August 2011 at the Port of Benghazi and transferred them to the “Medical Supply Organization”.

Following the first relief convoy in May 2011, Asamer is now sending a second convoy by ship to the city of Benghazi in East Libya. Asamer has gained the support of local firms Doka, Hipp and OMV. A total of 12 pallets containing medicines (above all desperately needed antibiotics) and baby food were shipped from La Spezia to Benghazi where Asamer staff transferred them to the “Medical Supply Organization” which is an organisation of doctors and medical professionals who have taken up the responsibility of managing the medical care facilities in East Libya. The organization has also gained international support from Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF).

Relief convoy supported by Doka, Hipp and OMV

Civil war has been waging in Libya since February 2011 and has forced Asamer to close its three factories in the eastern part of the country. Asamer’s Libyan employees have kept the company apprised of which medicines and foodstuffs are most urgently needed in the area. In response to this, Asamer shipped its first aid convoy by truck from Cairo to Benghazi. This shipment contained 20 pallets of medicines, bandaging and 22 tonnes of food. Asamer Chief Security Officer, Clemens Reiter, has organised both the first and second relief convoys: “Our co-workers in Libya have kept us apprised of the worsening situation regarding provisions of medicines and food in Libya. We started work on the second relief convoy in May as soon as we’d sent out the first shipment. Doka and OMV have supported us in procuring medicines and Hipp organised supplies of baby food”.

Asamer in Libya

Asamer operated three cement factories in Benghazi and Darnah. Asamer had pulled all its foreign employees out of Libya as soon as the trouble erupted, and work at the three cement factories was suspended on 17 February 2011. The factories’ security and management was handed over to Libyan employees with whom management in Ohlsdorf is in constant contact.

Corporate data: Asamer

Worldwide, Asamer Group employs some 5,790 people, and had a turnover of 515 million euros in 2010.

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