Australia Immigration is Key Subject in Australian Election Battle

By Global Visas, PRNE
Sunday, August 22, 2010

LONDON, August 23, 2010 - The subject of Australian immigration has been a hot topic during the run
up to the Australian election, with both candidates showing a resolve to
protect the Australian way of life by monitoring immigration if elected.

Current prime minister, Julia Gillard and Coalition leader, Tony Abbott
have both been reticent to explain their policies in relation to how reducing
Australian immigration ( might affect New

Liberal leader, Abbott plans to reduce net migration to 170,000 a year,
which is a huge decrease from the peak of 300,000 in 2008 and he also said a
review of migration in general was necessary. However, he did not outline
whether or not this would include New Zealand, which currently has an
open-door policy with Australia.

Meanwhile, Gillard has been promoting her view of 'a sustainable
Australia, but not a big Australia' in line with her objective to protect the
Australian culture. After Kevin Rudd stepped down as Labour leader in June,
Gillard became first female Prime Minister of Australia.

Under the current government, Australia was the only country in the
developed world to escape the effects of the global recession. Therefore, the
economy and immigration have both been topics which the two main candidates
have highlighted as key issues within their policies.

Immigration is obviously something which impacts highly on the economy as
well as on jobs and Australians voters will undoubtedly be looking for
some reassurance that both will remain stable.

A spokesperson for Global Visas, a leading Australia immigration
( agency,
commented: 'We receive tons of enquiries from people keen to emigrate to
Australia, however they have notoriously firm guidelines in place for
applicants and a certain number of places available. Judging from both
candidates' assertions on the subject, this looks unlikely to change and
people will need to pay close attention to the requirements of the Australian
government in order to gain a visa'.

Experts are saying at this stage that they doubt that the outcome, either
way, would have that much effect on anybody other than students coming into
the country or temporary workers. However, it remains to be seen for certain
how the subject of immigration will work out exactly until we know who the
elected Prime Minister of Australia is.

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