Beyond TV: INOE Technologies is First to Permit Streaming Content in 4D Over the Internet

By Inoe Technologies Llc, PRNE
Tuesday, December 7, 2010

SAFETY HARBOR, Florida, December 8, 2010 - INOE Technologies LLC has developed and patented a process that allows
for the delivery of visual content in 4D and in high definition to millions
of users on the Internet. In the 4D mode, it allows for the user to choose
his individual viewing angle and his proximity to content and to immerse
himself within that content as if he were there. The process is referred to
as the Total Immersive Experience or TIE.

"In essence, we have created a new medium, as distinctly different as
television was from radio. We give the viewer complete control over what he
sees, the angle he sees it from, the distance from the action that he places
himself. And he sees it over his computer. TIE can also be employed over
smart phones and other devices. TIE simply changes everything," said Martin
, president and COO of INOE Technologies.

Importantly, TIE allows users to store content for later viewing at new
and different angles and distances from content. The user may "move in" to an
object or person on a computer screen, (or a wide screen monitor connected to
a computer) view them from the left side, the right side or move 360 degrees
around them with totally fluidity. In each viewing, the content may be seen
from another angle of the user's choice.

Sound is also an important component of the technology. The closer the
user moves to the sound producing object on the screen, the louder the sound
will be.

"The application of TIE can range from the production of concerts, prize
fights and many other sporting events, to education, medicine and retailing.
There are few limits to the number of industries where TIE has application,"
said John Triggle, INOE Technologies' Chairman and CEO.

INOE Technologies is currently negotiating with several major US and UK
firms for initial implementation and for content development.

The Total Immersive Experience - As close as you get to being there.

USA, Martin Chaisson, +1-413-585-9601, mlchaisson at; or UK, John Triggle, +44-198-385-3713, jmtriggle at, both of INOE Technologies LLC; or info at

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