BODUM’s new Interactive Store in Paris Allows Customers to Chop and Cook

By Bodum, PRNE
Tuesday, August 30, 2011

COPENHAGEN, August 31, 2011 -

On Wednesday 31 August BODUM will open its new BODUM-lab interactive store in Paris, where customers can test kitchen equipment as well as ideas. BODUM aims to involve and inspire customers. Finding the right kitchen equipment should be an experience. At the same time, customers will be able to tell BODUM exactly what they think of the products and their feedback will be invaluable in product development.

BODUM is the first manufacturer to provide customers with the opportunity to test kitchen equipment in the store. When visiting the new store in Paris, customers will be able to cut tomatoes or make their own juice, before they decide which knife or which electric juicer they like the best. BODUM’s new concept is based on the key words experience and involvement. According to BODUM, this concept will not only be central in BODUM stores, but will become a leading trend in all stores in the future.

“Handling and using the kitchenware is very different from just looking at it in its box. Just as when you buy a new shirt. You want to be certain that the shirt looks good and that it fits you,” says Jørgen Bodum, CEO.


BODUM-lab is based on the concept of involving customers and giving them the opportunity to test new kitchen equipment. The kitchen equipment will also be demonstrated by professional chefs, whose work is based on themes such as vitamins and coffee. Demonstration films will be displayed on screens in the stores while customers test the equipment. If you find the perfect knife, you can order it directly online, while you are in the store and have it delivered directly to your home address. This service was introduced earlier this year by BODUM’s Danish shop in the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The concept turned out to be a huge success and now customers in Paris will have the same opportunity.

Involvement of customer feedback and wishes in the development phase

BODUM will also use the ‘lab’ to collect customer comments, criticism and wishes and use this feedback in future product development.

“Our great confidence in the quality of our products means that we are not afraid of direct feedback from our customers. We have already benefited greatly from
suggestions from our customers through channels such as Facebook and Amazon. BODUM-lab is a natural next step in our direct dialogue with customers,” said Jørgen Bodum.  

BODUM-lab will open on the first floor of the new store in Paris, which is located in one of the world’s most important main pedestrian streets, the Avenue de Opera, situated between the Louvre and the Opera in Paris. The company expects that the Paris store will be visited by Parisians themselves, as well as tourists from around the world. If the concept becomes a success as expected, it will be introduced in more BODUM stores.

The Danish owned BODUM currently has more than 300 stores. In addition, internet trade is accounting for an increasing part of the company’s turnover, which is based on sales in more than 55 countries.

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Facts about BODUM

BODUM was founded in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark by Peter Bodum. In 1974, Jørgen Bodum, the founder’s son, took over the reins of the BODUM Company.

100% family owned company. Owned by Pia and Jørgen Bodum, children of the founder Peter Bodum.


The vacuum coffee maker Santos, which was first produced in the 50’s, became the first BODUM product known throughout the world. The French coffee press, Bistro, was introduced in 1974 and quickly became equally popular. Since 1974, BODUM has produced more than 100 million French coffee presses and 30 million tea pots.

In addition to coffee presses and tea pots, BODUM’s product line includes kitchen equipment, textiles, table tops, BBQs, etc. A total of 4,000 different products.


BODUM opened its first store in London in 1986.  

Today, BODUM has more than 300 stores, including Paris, Copenhagen, Zürich, Lucerne, Tokyo, and New York and sells its products in more than 55 countries. In addition, internet trade is accounting for an ever greater part of the turnover.


To develop products that always meet the highest requirements for functionality and quality, and at reasonable prices. 

Further information

Marc Picard, Head of Sales Europe. Telephone +41 41 935 45 43, mobile +41-79-686-76-86.


Lars Møller Nielsen, Retail manager. Telephone +45 49 14 80 60, mobile +45-23-35-78-87.



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