Brazilian Sugarcane Industry's 'Virtual Mill,' a Hit at Major Events, Now Also on the Web

By Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association unica, PRNE
Wednesday, June 30, 2010

SAO PAULO, July 1, 2010 - It's about as close as you can get to a personal visit to a Brazilian
sugarcane processing mill without actually being there, and it's now
available on the Web. It's called the 'Virtual Mill,' an interactive
multimedia tool created by the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association
(UNICA) to offer the opportunity for an up-close look at the inner workings
of a cane mill to those who can't make the trip.

"Since 2007, UNICA has welcomed about 160 groups of visitors from every
continent per year, but only 40 or 50 groups can make the time to get to a
mill, since typically mills are located three or four hours away from major
cities by road. The Virtual Mill was designed to make sure everyone has a
good look at how things work," says UNICA's corporate communications
director, Adhemar Altieri.

The Virtual Mill also allows UNICA to take the sugarcane mill experience
to symposiums and other events and gatherings. Before making it available on
the Web, UNICA launched the Virtual Mill at three major events in May:
Michelin's Challenge Bibendum, held in Rio de Janeiro; the TOP Ethanol Awards
Ceremony in Sao Paulo; and Green Week, dedicated to environmental policy
discussions for the European Union, held in Brussels. In all cases, the
novelty drew lineups.

"The user can navigate through nine phases on a touch-screen setup,
ranging from the development of new varieties to planting and harvesting, the
industrial process and delivery of finished products, and each segment plays
a short video. The Mill allows the user to view the phases in any order, but
we're finding that most people simply push phase one and watch all nine
phases in order," explains Altieri.

On the Web, the Virtual Mill can be viewed on
(, the special website developed
for UNICA's efforts against the ethanol import tariff imposed by the United
which expires at the end of this year. The Mill can also be accessed
on UNICA's main English website
( ), and for iPhone and iPad users,
on YouTube ( ).

The Virtual Mill was conceived by UNICA and produced by Sao Paulo's TV1
Video and Communications Group, with support from Apex-Brasil, the Brazilian
federal government's Export and Investment Promotion Agency.


The Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association (UNICA) represents the top
producers of sugar and ethanol in the country's South-Central region,
especially the state of Sao Paulo, which accounts for about 60% of the
country's sugarcane harvest and of total ethanol production. UNICA develops
position papers, statistics and specific research in support of Brazil's
sugar, ethanol and bioelectricity sectors. In 2009, Brazil produced an
estimated 598 million metric tonnes of sugarcane, which yielded 33 million
tonnes of sugar and 25.5 billion litres of ethanol, making it the number-one
sugarcane grower and sugar producer in the world, and the second-largest
ethanol producer on the planet, behind the United States.

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