Eisai-University College London Partnership Enters New Phase

By Eisai Co. Ltd, PRNE
Monday, May 23, 2011

HATFIELD, England, May 24, 2011 -

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President & CEO: Haruo Naito,
"Eisai") announced today that it has entered a new phase in the partnership
between its Neuroscience Product Creation Unit (Neuroscience PCU) and
University College London (UCL), a U.K.-based university with which the
company has been collaborating with for over 20 years since 1990. This new
phase will see the Eisai Neuroscience PCU and UCL engage in joint research in
the neurodegenerative disease arena including biomarker research, namely 1)
Neuroinflammation, 2) Neurovascular/Mitochondria, and 3) Proteostasis related
research, with the two parties commencing joint studies as early as Fiscal

UCL is a prestigious English research-based university that was ranked
4th overall in the world in the QS World University Rankings 20101). Home to
the UCL Institute of Neurology, a leading-edge research institute
specializing in neurodegenerative disease, UCL carries out frontier research
in this field on a global scale.

During the course of their partnership which began in 1990, Eisai and UCL
established an Eisai research facility on the UCL campus and have forged
strong cooperative ties through research activities that included the
exchange of personnel. The commencement of the new joint research project
will enable the two parties to carry out some of the world's most advanced
scientific research into neurodegenerative disease. Additionally, Eisai will
integrate its UCL research functions into its U.K.-based Eisai European
Knowledge Centre, located in the Hatfield, Hertfordshire. Through these
changes, Eisai and UCL will further strengthen their collaborative
relationship, with the partnership entering a new phase that will facilitate
knowledge creation through an even deeper level of open innovation.

As the creator of Aricept(R), the gold standard in Alzheimer's disease
treatment, Eisai has led the world in the field of neurodegenerative disease
and is currently pursuing development of a number of other novel pipeline
products in this arena. In its epilepsy franchise, Eisai plans to submit
marketing authorization applications to the regulatory authorities in the
United States
and Europe for perampanel, a first-in-class, highly selective,
non-competitive AMPA-type glutamate receptor antagonist that was created
through collaborative research between Eisai and its UCL research facility,
to complement its currently marketed products which include Zonegran(R),
Inovelon(R) and Zebinix(R).

Eisai is committed to making further contributions to address unmet
medical needs and increase the benefits provided to patients and families
across Europe by maintaining, strengthening and further developing the
relationships and confidence built up with UCL thus far while at the same
time leveraging the knowledge accumulated over the course of the partnership.

1) QS World University Rankings 2010.

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