Revolutionary World First: Comfortable Barefoot Walking with the Pux Arch Support

By Plusproducts Gmbh Co. Kg, PRNE
Tuesday, May 24, 2011

STRASSENHAUS, Germany, May 25, 2011 -

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Around 80% of the population suffer from increased foot and back pain.
There are several different causes of these problems.

Amongst these are: shoes which are too tight or have too high heels,
being overweight and, of course, there might be an orthopaedic problem, such
as flat feet, fallen arches or splay feet. Now, however, Dr phil. Brent Logan
has developed an innovative "Pux" arch support with the motto "touch the
earth", which allows you to walk barefoot without any difficulty or
discomfort, either indoors or outside, and even to enjoy sporting activities.

Similar to a sandal in shape but with just the sole of the foot covered
and toes and heel exposed. The 'shoeless' support is then attached by means
of an adjustable Velcro fastener. The product is made from
environmentally-friendly comfort materials and is available in shops in
several sizes and fashionable colours.

This groundbreaking innovation allows people suffering from foot problems
the chance to enjoy walking again, without needing to wear clumpy footwear
with insoles.

Pux will make the experience of walking barefoot a possibility for
everyone. Stand with your legs firm but relaxed. Give your feet the freedom
they need and take some of the strain away. Now you can experience that
feeling of well-being throughout your whole body.

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