Canton Fair Launches New Services for National Chambers of Commerce

By China Foreign Trade Centre cftc, PRNE
Sunday, June 6, 2010

GUANGZHOU, China, June 7, 2010 - At 107th Canton Fair this past April, some attendees noticed one small
new detail: several European and South American chambers of commerce were
seen with their own exclusive service counters. These were part of a new
service package offered by Fair organizers this year, specially designed to
accommodate the needs of chamber members and their associates. Participating
organizations in this inaugural offering included the China-Britain Business
Council, the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in China and the
Brazil-China Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The Canton Fair has long been an integral part of the global business
community, cooperating intimately with international trade organizations,
business associations, and other foreign commercial institutions ever since
its inception more than half a century ago. After so many years of building
trust and knowledge amongst the international commercial elite, this new
service on offer for cooperating organizations as of 2010 is now only one of
the Fair's many points of attraction. However, it is one of the more
substantial, and frankly, rewarding: with it, overseas chamber of commerce
members and their clients can take advantage of information consultation and
distribution, procurement assistance. Just in case should they encounter any
difficulties, there is exclusive troubleshooting and solution assistance
right around the corner. But the real clincher is that this whole package
comes absolutely free of charge.

Understandably, national chambers of commerce would benefit from using
this service at the Canton Fair. Participants like first-time attendee and
China-Britain Business Council President Stephen Phillips were quick to voice
their satisfaction. He said, "The sheer scale of the Canton Fair and the
professionalism of the employees and service left a deep impression on me …
the Fair provided us with this helpful exclusive service counter, which in
turn allowed the CBBC to better serve our members and associates."

Indeed, it's this sort of reciprocation that the service aims to foment,
by delivering a carefully channeled focus on the unique demands of each
nation and its economy. If all goes according to plan, even more durable and
longer-lasting mutual relationships will form between the Fair and
participants. In which case, the whole world will benefit.

Mr. Xiaoying Wu of China Foreign Trade Centre (CFTC), +86-20-8913-8628

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